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Re: Harry Hoyland marriage in 1912

John, 1911 census
Harry Hoyland, pony man, 17 in Sheff with father Frederick, miner
Emily G Vinson ,servant 21 in Harrogate. Born ISLINGTON.

24.7 1915 they married In Knaresborough (21 & 25 RESP). His father Frederick, miner.
Q4 1915 birth of Harry Hoyland
Q3 1916 death of Harry Hoyland, Knaresborough, age 0
1917 birth of Winifred Hoyland mmn Vinson in WORKSOP.
1918 death of Winifred in GREENWICH age 0
Q2 1919 Emily G HOYLAND died in GREENWIC
Sept 1919 Harry 26, widower, SOLDIER at CLIPSTONE CAMP, married second wife!

Note Clipstone is near WORKSOP.

So Harry served in WW1 and was stationed near Harrogate where he met, got pregnant and married Emily and they lost the child in 1916.
She had another child in 1917 in Worksop so presumably Harry was then in Clipstone Camp.

He had to remain where he was stationed but she must have moved with the baby to her relatives in London (she was born in Islington), where both the baby(1918) and then Emily (1919) died.
Harry remarried a few months later In Sheff Sept 1919, presumably
There is no obvious sign of Harry in military records. I suspect that he never went abroad so there could not be a Medal Card for him.
Perhaps his skill as a pony man was more useful to the army in a training role so he remained in the army throughout the war but never left the country.

Re: Harry Hoyland marriage in 1912

Thanks everyone, I think the mystery has been solved.