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John Robert stanfield burial

I wonder if someone can assist me please on the above.

According to the GRO he died in the Sheffield area on 1949 he would have been 87ish

still on the same family John Haslam Turner was born in 1856 circa the Doncaster area but not yet found a death for him. I am sure though I have found him on the 1921 census which rules out a WWI death

any help onm the above would be appreciated but no doubt I will have to get my eyes tested because the info somewhere on here.

Re: John Robert stanfield burial

Name John Haslam Turner
Sex Male
Age 64
Marital Status Married
Event Type Death
Event Date 09 Jul 1919
Event Place Toronto, York, Ontario
Birth Year (Estimated) 1855
Birthplace England
Death Place Toronto, York, Ontario
Death Age 64 years
Cemetery St. John'S Next: Name John Robert Stanfield
Residence Place Sheffield 11
Death Date 18 May 1949
Beneficiary's Name John William Stanfield
Event Type Probate
Event Date 29 Jun 1949
Event Place Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Re: John Robert stanfield burial


John R



Yorkshire Burials

Sheffield, Darnall Cemetery, Yorkshire (West Riding), England

Re: John Robert stanfield burial

Barry you are a legend thank you. Will now try to find when he went to canada

Re: John Robert stanfield burial


John Robert Stanfield.......You have FMP and there are 13 results for him.

His burial is on our site (did you check it)

STANFIELD, R. John (Retired, age 87).
Died at 12 Kingsley Park Avenue; Buried on May 21, 1949 in Unconsecrated ground;
Grave Number 120, Section B of Darnall Cemetery, Sheffield.
Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: from Sheffield Parish Officiating Minister J W Roebuck.

BUT as you will note he is listed as R. John not John R.

Darnall Cemetery was transcribed by Friends of Burngreave Cemetery and if you want to verify the information you would need to contact them.

Contact person found under our MI's section.


Re: John Robert stanfield burial

Elaine, thank you I have just found the info on this site, his wife has been indexed as ann Mary and not Mary Ann.

I will contact Burngreave at a later Date but as you know that is where dave Yates was a volunteer so Christine Steers might be busy with other matters

May I suggest you take Dave Yates contact address off here.


PS no idea why I missed him on FMP

Re: John Robert stanfield burial

Hi John,

Where did you find Dave Yates Listed?

Found it.
Cremated Remains held in the North and South Arcades/Chapels at City Road
SEARCH BY SURNAME ONLY ! (ie Cemetery = City Road, Surname = xxxxxx)
For further information contact Bereavement Services quoting cremation Number (if there is one).
Courtesy of Christine Steers, Dave Yates, Stephen Cooke and Betty Smalley.
Jan 31, 2016

I would contact Christine ASAP with the Darnall request. She is very good at getting back to folks . Dave has been ill for quite some time so they have everything under control.


Re: John Robert stanfield burial

Name John Haslam Turner
Sex Male
Age 50
Residence Place Manchester
Marital Status Married
Nationality England, English
Second Additional Person's Name Wm Camler
Event Type Immigration
Event Date 12 Jan 1906
Event Place Ellis Island, New York City, New York, United States
Page Number 15
Series Number T715
Affiliate Publication Title Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York , NY, 1897-1957
Departure Port Liverpool
Ship Name Baltic there is a picture of the document on Familysearch.

Re: John Robert stanfield burial

Cheers Barry must start using family search again it has obviously got lots more info on it since I last used it many moons ago.

Ellis don't think he was a prisoner do you? Does it say if he went with Christiana his wife?


Re: John Robert stanfield burial

Ellis island was the clearing house for all immigrants to the USA.

Re: John Robert stanfield burial

It is my understanding that Ellis Island was the immigration processing site for all 3rd class passengers arriving in USA. First and second class would be quickly cleared on their ship at the port of arrival and only those with legal problems or who were sick would join the 3rd class on the ferry to Ellis Island where the process was more rigourous.

Re: John Robert stanfield burial

Just a note that the info on this site regarding the burial of John Robert Satnfield.

The info on this site referring him as R John Stanfield is correct.

Christine has replied to my request to check.

Regarding Family search, is it easy to navigate now as not used for ages and not sure even if my accounbt has closed.


Re: John Robert stanfield burial

ps John Haslam turner on the list which people on here kindly found of him going to the USA in 1906 it states that he went there in 1898, how would i find out exactly when and is there anyway I could find him returning to the UK