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Registration District query

Dear All,
No exactly Sheffield related but I hope you can help.

Martha Tingle was born 8th Apr 1843 in West Melton (info from census but it might not be correct)

Could some kind person tell me which registration this is covered by as I have been on the GRO website to try and find out her mother's maiden name but I do not think any of those shown are in the correct area.

Any help please on solving her mother's maiden name be brilliant.

Thank you


Re: Registration District query


West Melton - Rotherham Reg District.


Re: Registration District query

John, which census gives her exact birth date please?

Re: Registration District query

I am trying to remember of hand but I think it was the 1851 census which said West Melton and I am sure I found her baptism on a website but senior moment strikes.

Her father was John Tingle and her mother was Ann.

I shall scour my info again as its a long time since I looked at the family tree with this person in it. Its only because I was at a family gathering at the weekend that I have revisited this tree.

She married Samuel Atkin (born 1837 Staffordshire) on 16th may 1864 at Wath Upon Dearne and died in Sheffield in 1887.

The Atkin clan is my connection

Re: Registration District query

john and anne tingle had 3 children on 1851 Census in Rotherham. Martha was the youngest born abt 1844 in BRAMPTON. Her 2 older siblings were born Bolton on Dearne.

All 3 have baptisms on FMP, Martha in Wath on Dearne Bap 8 Oct 1843, Charles and Hannah in Bolton on Dearne in 1841 and 1839 respectively. In all cases Father John, Mother Anne
There is no birth reg for Martha, but her 2 siblings are on GRO index with MMN WINDLE.
Dec 3 1838 John Tingle married Anne Windle in Bolton on Dearne (FMP)

Re: Registration District query

Dave, fantastic than you

Re: Registration District query has this baptism record
Name Martha Tingle
Father's Name John
Father's Sex Male
Mother's Name Anne
Mother's Sex Female
Event Type Baptism
Event Date 8 Oct 1843
Event Place Wath upon Dearne, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Event Place (Original) Wath upon Dearne, Yorkshire (West Riding), England

There is an image and it adds the abode: Coaly Lane. Father is a labourer

Wath upon Dearne is 2½-3 miles from West Melton by car or about a mile as the crow flies.

Re: Registration District query

Cheers Terry

Re: Registration District query

Carrying on then with same clan.. Timothy Utley baptised in 1839 son of David and Elizabeth.

Timothy married in 1860 Harriet Kelsey in Kimberworth.

There is a death for one in in 1895 stating born 1832 in Keighley but I do not think that is mine.

Can anyone else find his death please


Re: Registration District query

There are numerous family trees at Ancestry for the Timothy Uttley who died 1895. The one I looked at claims his spouse is Hannah Ogden, with children born 1856-1874.

I See your Timothy Hutley (as written by enumerator) is last on a census with Harriet in 1871. She is recorded as married in 1881 and widow 1891.

Re: Registration District query

Cheers Terry,

Firstly Hutley is a different name to check upon and at least we have a death period for 1881 to 1891 will check later.