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Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

Ellen Hardwicke was born Jun quarter 1864 daughter of Samuel Hardwicke ( who vanished in 1881 ish see a previous post) and Ellen Fish.

In 1881 she married Harry Newton when she was 16 years of age and states this on the mc and it states her father was Sam Hardwicke the witnesses were Wilfred and Emma Rhodes and Ellen's sister married Wilfred Rhodes, so I am positive I have the correct marriage.

Now the problem, I am unable to find a death for her nor the family on the 1891 census.

I thought I had found her in 1891 with husband Henry/Harry but when I check the GRO index regarding the names of the children it states the mother's maiden name being Jarvis.

It also rules out the death which I did think was the Ellen buried at Tinsley Park Cemetery in 1922.

Once again, any help on helping me solve this brick wall would be really appreciated.

If anyone can also enlighten me on the elusive Samuel Hardwicke, search for posting please, again this would be an added bonus.

Thanks in Advance


Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

Hi John

1891 census

Hammond Street

Ellen Newton Head Widow Female 26 1865 Etcher & gilder
Leonard Newton Son - Male 7 1884 Scholar
Frank W Newton Son - Male 5 1886 Scholar
Elizabeth A Whitley Visitor - Female 14 1877 Errand girl

Both children with mmn Hardiwck


Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

Should be mmn Hardwick !!

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

Name Ellen Newton
Sex Female
Age 59
Residence Place Sheffield
Address 47 Elmham Rd
Death or Burial Date 29 Mar 1922
Death or Burial Place Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Death or Burial Place Sheffield, England
Birth Year (Estimated) 1863
Marital Status Widowed
Event Type Burial
Additional Relatives X
Cemetery Tinsley Park Cemetery. On Samuels wedding to Ellen Fish 1851 his name is down as Samuel William.

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

Thanks for that on the 1891 census, wonder why I missed that.

Barry the Ellen Newton I found that was buried in Tinsley Park I think is the Ellen nee Jarvis because in the same grave is Henry Newton

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

The only death that matches between 1881 and 1891 for Harry Newton is in Hampshire so I presume he joined the forces of some sort

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

All is not rosy
Sheffield Daily Telegraph 13 December 1881

NOTICE, I, HARRY NEWTON, Butcher's Butcher’s Knife Hafter, 5 Court, Forge lane, WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any DEBT or DEBTS my Wife, ELLEN NEWTON may contract after this date, Dec 13,1881.
HENRY NEWTON, his x mark.

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

I wonder what happened to their daughter?

GRO Reference: 1881 J Quarter in ECCLESALL BIERLOW Volume 09C Page 378


Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

Does this mean that Harry and Ellen split and hence that is why she classed herself as a widow in 1891, yes I wonder what happened to Lily something to work on.

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

Found the following on FMP Im sure it is her but need to confirm

Birth 21 Apr 1881, Baptised 1899 married William Gamble in 1906 states father was Harry who was deceased.

Sorry forgot to say I am talking about Lily

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

Lily not with Ellen & her sons in 1891.

In 1901 here is a Lilly Newton age 19 born Sheffield, niece of Harry & Jane Wilson at 157 Napier Street,

Ancestry has 3 family trees for the Lily Newton who married William Gamble in 1906. None of the submitters have parents as unknown.

In 1891 there is this household that includes a Lily "Wilson" of suitable age, and possibly the Harry Wilson of 1901 (similar occupation): Courts 3 & 4 10 Forge Lane
Household Members (Name) Age Relationship
Walter Newton 35 Head
Elizabeth Ann Newton 32 Wife
Frederick Newton 14 Son
Elizabeth Ann Newton 13 Daughter
Thomas Newton 11 Son
Annie Newton 6 Daughter
Walter Newton 3 Son
Harry Wilson 25 Son-in-law
Jane Newton 25 Daughter
Lily Wilson 9 Granddaughter

Does Walter Newton feature among Harry Newton's family? Weird - if Lily is Walter's granddaughter, then Walter was 26 when he became a grandfather. Maybe the enumerator received garbled information.

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

According to GRO Index a Harry Newton was born 1861 Ecclesall Bierlow mmn Pinder.
He had many siblings including Walter 1855 and Jane 1866. Perfect fit

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

Terry, John
The 1891 Census for the Newton/Wilson families makes completeif we assume that Sarah Ann Newton (mother of Walter, Harry, Jane and others) was somehow missed off. The Newton Family of Walter are at 6 Court 3 H Forge Lane. The Wilson family (Harry Son in law, Jane Daughter and Lily Gdaughter are at 6 court 4 H and there is no listed head at that house. If Sarah Ann Newton was the Head then it would make perfect sense. She was still alive (died 1900)
Incidentally, in 1881 Walter and family were at that same address and Sarah Newton the mother was next door at that same address with HARRY (son) and ELLEN (d in law) and JANE, amongst others.

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

AAArgh. No Edit

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

So now we have sorted Lily out, we need to find when Ellen Hardwicke died.

Did she remarry after she left Harry or vice versa?

Did Harry remarry?

Re: Ellen Hardwicke born 1864

In 1891 census Ellen Newton (widow) has 2 children : Leonard and Frank W.
Here they are from GRO Index
GRO Reference: 1885 J Quarter in ECCLESALL BIERLOW Volume 09C Page 406
GRO Reference: 1883 J Quarter in SHEFFIELD Volume 09C Page 573

Frank William died in 1900
Newton Frank William 15 Sheffield 9c 378

His burial is on FMP at St Philip
Frank Newton, SON OF HENRY NEWTON DECEASED, Age 15 yrs buried 8th June 1900. Address 7 Ct Attercliffe Road

The death cert should reveal who registered the death. Was it Ellen? Sounds like a good investment.

Leonard Hollingsworth Newton married in 1904,
He named his father as FRANK NEWTON DECEASED.

Harry Newtons sister Jane had an illegitimate child called HARRY in 1885 (died age 6months at 6 court Forge Lane, buried Gen Cem) and his brother Walter named a son HARRY in 1890 (died age 4 months at 6 Ct Forge Lane, buried Gen Cem).
Does that sort of tentatively imply that Harry may have died in the early 1880s?.