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Emily Wilkin(s) born 1867 parents

Emily Wilkin married Arthur Redfern on 25th Dec 1887.

It says her father was called Henry.

looking on the GRO site it says MMN was Duff.

The only marriage that I can find that reasonably fits is Sarah DAFF to Henry Wilkin in 1861.

Do you think I have got the correct marriage?

The 1871 census shows Henry was born in 1841 and Sarah was born in 1832 I cant find this family in 1881.

I also dont seem to be able to find any burials for Henry and Sarah so any help please would be well received.



Re: Emily Wilkin(s) born 1867 parents

Morning John,

I have Daff's in my tree but through a marriage. They were from the Hillsborough/Nether Hallam area and were buried in Wardsend.(St Philips)

Many baptisms on our site for St Phillips or St John the Baptist.

Elaine safe in Florida.

Re: Emily Wilkin(s) born 1867 parents

I agree with your findings John.


Re: Emily Wilkin(s) born 1867 parents

Looking at the free record on FMP they were married 2 August 1861 Henry's father was George and Sarah's father was Henry both of Barker's Hill.

Re: Emily Wilkin(s) born 1867 parents

Hi John & Barry et al,
The marriage Barry found for HENRY WILKIN & SARAH DAF is also over to your left on this site.
Also on the 1841 census (again to your left) are the Daff family including young Sarah age 8 and her many siblings living at Wentworth Street.

On Family Search website there is a baptism record for ELIZABETHA EMILIA WILKIN (Emily) born 11th Feb/1867 in Sheffield at the workhouse(which one not specified). The baptism took place on the 13th July 1867 at St.Vincent's in Sheffield. Parents: HENRICI WILKIN & SARAH DUFF.

Also on Fam.Search. the 1881 census at Wentworth St.Nether Hallam, there is an EMILY WILKINS aged 15 (1866 Sheffield) daughter. Occ: Dom.Servant with
WILLIAM (?) HENRY WILKINS age 39 (1842 Sheffield) Occ:Pocket Blade Grinder and MARY ELLEN WILKINS age 29 (1852 Sheffield).

There is a possible 2nd marriage for : HENRY WILKIN married 1878 June qtr. Sheffield to MARY ELLEN BAXTER

HAPPY HUNTING:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: Emily Wilkin(s) born 1867 parents

Death in Q4 1876
Wilkins Sarah 47 Ecclesall B. 9c 201

Re: Emily Wilkin(s) born 1867 parents

The Henry Wilkin marriage 1878 shows his age as 31 born 1847 father George deceased.

Re: Emily Wilkin(s) born 1867 parents

Hi Barry et al,
I think Henry Wilkin is wishful thinking giving his age as 31 in 1878, that would make him only 14 when he first married in 1861 (record shows him as 21, so B: abt 1840. Also on the 1881 census he is recorded as age 39 (est.B: 1842).

HAPPY HUNTING:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: Emily Wilkin(s) born 1867 parents

Thanks to all for your input, I do agree that the 1878 marriage is the wrong one. Not sure of the 1881 census info but I think that could be wrong too will have a study

Could it be then that the 1871 census I found for Emily is in fact WRONG and hence the baptism and birth for the in 1867 is also wrong.

Could it be that my Emily birth was not registered?

Also could you be baptised before a birth was registered?

I shall really have to look at this now in case I have made a major error.


Re: Emily Wilkin(s) born 1867 parents

Hi John,

I think what you have to do is give us the information that leads to an Emily in your tree or is she a red herring?

If you do have a Daff/Wilkin connection I can probably help but lets wait until I get back home on Wednesday.

Elaine in Florida.

Re: Emily Wilkin(s) born 1867 parents

John and Elaine, your original marriage is the correct one. The 1878 marriage is also correct, following the death of Sarah in 1876.
Wendy made it clear that Henry must have lied about his age (31)at the 1878 marriage because in 1881 census he is 39.