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Arthur Redfern and Emily Wilkin children

Arthur Redfern born 1866 married Emily Wilkin on 25 Dec 1887 and according to the 1911 they had ten children of which four had died.

The children I have (in no particular order) or Ethel, Nellie, Beatrice, Arthur, Emily, Minnie, Elsie, Robert and Gladys.

Arthure was living with Beatrice, who was now married to Robert Marshall on the 1911 census and I have found marriages of Ethel, Nellie, Minnie and Gladys.

My question is can someone point me in the direction of which children had died by 1911 and what is the name of the missing one.

Thanks in advance


Re: Arthur Redfern and Emily Wilkin children

Hi John,

For future reference...... the way I do it is to go to our baptisms
Enter the surname and father & mother names and see what comes up. In this case only two and you seem to have those.

Will leave a little more diggings to some of our super sleuths.


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Re: Arthur Redfern and Emily Wilkin children

There are actually 4 of them in the baptisms to the left. Two as Redfern and 2 as Redfearn. It always pays to use the wildcard.
The nine you have are all on GRO index, mmn Wilkins not WILKIN

Re: Arthur Redfern and Emily Wilkin children

cheers both of you. Now to have a go at finding the missing one.

Re: Arthur Redfern and Emily Wilkin children

I can find deaths for only 3 of the 9 known children, they are ARTHUR, EMILY Elizabeth and Robert.
There is a marriage for Elsie to Jonahon Reynolds in 1921 and according to 1939 register she was born 1904 wich is correct for your Elsie. The marriage is on FMP so you canfirm if her father was Arthur.
I wonder if the missing 10th child was actually stillborn, requiring no registration.