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Carol Ann

I am looking for Carol Ann not sure of her surname but she was born either 16/3/1942 or 19/8/1946 at 100, Southey Hall Road.

Re: Carol Ann

At that address in 1948
Tom Crofts, labourer.

Re: Carol Ann

If you search on Free BMD for no surname and Carol* a* first name and restrict to Sheffield there are 6 answers in q1 1942 and 12 answers in q31946. Each one gives surname and mother maiden name but you are going to need some more info if you are to select the right one.

Re: Carol Ann

Thanks for that sorry I don't know the surname

Re: Carol Ann

May help or hinder,


Marriages Dec 1909
CROFTS Tom Wortley 9c 535
RICH Annie Wortley 9c 535

Births Jun 1913 (>99%)
Crofts Annie Rich Wortley 9c 745
Births Mar 1916 (>99%)
Crofts Edward Rich Wortley 9c 644
Births Jun 1919 (>99%)
Crofts Elsie Rich Wortley 9c 480
Births Jun 1922 (>99%)
Crofts Mabel Rich Wortley 9c 606
Births Jun 1925 (>99%)
Crofts Arthur Rich Wortley 9c 631
Births Mar 1929 (>99%)
CROFTS Frederick Rich Wortley 9c 524

Births Jun Qtr 1942
Crofts Carole A Crofts Sheffield 9c 685

Re: Carol Ann

Thanks for that but the years are 1942 1946

Re: Carol Ann

I was trying to link the Crofts at the address you gave they are also there in the 1939 register.

Re: Carol Ann

Re Carol Ann. could we try looking for Whitaker or Hinsley or Dale with same birth dates as a possibility. Need to find this person

Re: Carol Ann

Hi Susan
You are not certain of the date of birth of Carol Ann but you are certain of the address? What year was Carol Ann last known at that address?
As the CROFTS family lived there from at least 1939-1948 you may draw 2 conclusions

1.Someone gave birth to a child Carol Ann UNKNOWN 1942 or 1946 but may not have actually lived there?
2. A child called Carole Ann CROFTS - with the mother’s maiden name of CROFTS was registered in the Quarter April- Jun 1942. You have 6 weeks to register a child’s birth so it s possible that the birth date could be 16/3/1942.

When the mother’s maiden name is the same it often means she was not married.

There is a family tree for the Crofts family on Ancestry - you may find more if you get in touch with them? But be aware this could be a sensitive issue for the family concerned.

I cannot see any births for the 1942 or the 1946 dates under the names Hinsley, Wade or Dale