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A question for Elaine

Hi Elaine

Being curious here !
Any idea just how many folks look at this Forum and possibly where they are situated.
Obviously most users have a Sheffield area interest even though they may no longer live around the city, you included !
Have we a world wide audience ?

Re: A question for Elaine

Hi Roger,

I have sent you a e-mail.


Re: A question for Elaine

Roger, first of all there is no requirement for anyone who views a thread to indicate where they are. Anyone who responds to a thread can do so with only a user name, though most (but not all) also add an email address. Therefore the simple answer to your question is that there is not enough data to be definitive.
However, for every thread there are some data available. If you look down the index every thread has a number of views and a number of replies. Also there are currently 10 pages of live threads (9 of 50 and 1 of 40) so there are 490 live threads and the earlieast is October 2016. So on average we get 1-2 new threads per day.
Looking at the views and replies for each thread, if you divide the views by the (replies +1)you see that generally, on average, each message (not each thread) has between 20 and 40 views. That means that on average between 20 and 40 people are interested in each thread. (the + 1 is for the original message to be added to the replies).
With regard to geographical spread, some people do identify where they are from and it looks like of the 490 there are maybe 20 to 30 from Australia, a couple from New Zealand and one from Belgium. There may be others but we cannot easily identify.
The apparent dominance of Australia is not surprising considering the 19th century policy of deportation and the 20th century policy of cheap one way fares.
We have to face the fact that only a small percentage of any population is keenly interested in family history, and Sheffield is only one of many cities in the UK.
I hope that helps to answer your question.

Re: A question for Elaine

Morning Roger,

To add a little to Daves excellent reply, in 2016 I had to delete a number of messages
due to our limit being 10,000 at that time. We now have 100,000 so will be able to keep many more old messages.

As far as folks using the Forum we do have folks from the USA or Canada though not as many as I thought.

Hope that has answered your question.

Elaine on the Atlantic coast of Florida.

Re: A question for Elaine

Hi Elaine and Dave and many thanks for your replies and the stats, all very interesting and just look how many views my post has had.

Where would we all be without this excellent on line resource !!