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Stillborn baby graves

Does anyone know if there are any records of stillborn baby graves at St.Thomas's? I am trying to find what happened to my brother who was a stillborn baby in 1947

Re: Stillborn baby graves

Hi Diane,
Stillborn babies often were buried in same grave as an adult, not necessarily related, in the past. There is a stillborn register I believe but I don't think it will tell you where they were buried.

Re: Stillborn baby graves

Last year I tried to find out where my older stillborn sister was buried in 1934 but found nothing. After my mum died I found two little receipts - one was for 3 shillings from Sheffield General Cemetery Co. and the other for 12 shillings and six pence from Walker L. Smith, Coffin Maker and General Undertaker, of Clarence Street, Sheffield, dated 19th May 1934. The latter was for internment for stillborn baby so I presume she is in a grave somewhere..
I did try to contact the cemetery and have today searched my records to find an email that I received from a research volunteer at Sheffield General Cemetery Trust. She found information about the baby's birth but no record of where she was buried. She mentioned a colleague who has worked on stillbirth records but was not there at the time of writing. I never followed it up. Maybe they could help you. email

Re: Stillborn baby graves

Hello Diane,
I have photographed the burial registers for St Thomas. I have looked in 1947-48 but i don't see a Patchett.