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Birch family

I'm trying to draw up a family tree for my son in law but am having trouble finding the correct birth date for a Thomas Birch born in FAZELEY, Staffordshire around 1851.

William Birch married Mary Ashmore Sheffield 1848 but moved back to Staffordshire shortly afterwards.
1851 census HO107 piece 2013 folio 351 Pg 11
Children John and William.
These children have mother's maiden name as Ashmore.

William marries Elizabeth Louisa Davis in 1854 as 1st wife dies in 1853.
1861 census RG09 piece 1970 folio 25 pg 14

This has a son Thomas born in 1850 but I've checked mother's maiden name and it is GRICE????

John, William and Emma (Mary Emma) have mmn as Ashmore and Henry and Sarah have mmn as Davis.

I've been looking at this all afternoon so an extra set of eyes would be really appreciated.

Many thanks

Re: Birch family

Hi Jenny,

Suggestions and questions.

When & where did Mary Ashmore die?

I checked the Genuki page out for Fazeley

Next I looked at Sheffield Council site for a Thomas Birch born in Sheffield

Then on to FreeBMD.

There are three Thomas Birches that would need further looking at between March 1850 and Dec 1852.

I have not looked to see who the mothers were of these boys as I am sure you know how to do that.

Is he on the 1851 census? Where were the family at that time.

Hope these suggestions help track him down.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Birch family

the Thomas Birch born with mmn GRICE was born in 1848, not 1850. The Thomas you are looking for must have been born at the earliest the very end of 1851 because his older brother William was born at the end of 1850. This may be just a case of a missing registration for Thomas . Have you looked for baptism?

Re: Birch family

The family are in Wilncote in 1851. Thomas isn't with them.

HO107 Piece 2013 Folio 351 Page 11


Re: Birch family

Thanks to everyone who replied.

Mary died in June qtr 1853 in Tamworth Union district (Staffordshire).
I have FMP and can't find a baptism for Thomas. I thought he might have been registered under a different name but still can't find a child born within that time limit with mmn as ASHMORE!

Never mind, thanks for looking.