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James Makin x 2 - Master Cutlers

I don't know if anyone can help me. I'm trying to find out any information about both Master Cutlers named James Makin - They were Master Cutlers in 1803 and in 1815. I am struggling to find anything related to either of them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: James Makin x 2 - Master Cutlers

Sarah, their apprenticeships are shown in the apprenticeships list over to the left.

Re: James Makin x 2 - Master Cutlers


Tweedales Directory of Sheffield Cutlery Manufactures 1754-2010 gives the following information.

James Makin.
In 1786, James Makin Sen. registered a silver mark as a plate worker. His address was the Pickle, a district at the end of Savile Street in the Wicker, which in older accounts is described as being situated near the "Twelve O'Clock" Tollgate. He was the son of John Makin, who became a Freeman in 1769 and eventually launched a fork making business in the Wicker, John was Master Cutler in 1803.( the Master Cutlers list names James in 1803)

James Makin Seniors son was James Makin junior (1776-19 November 1821) who became a Freeman in 1798 and Master Cutler in 1815. He directed James Makin & Co, a fork manufacturer in Savile St. According to Leader (1905-6) he attempted to introduce bayonet Manufacture in Sheffield, but it was not a commercial success. He died aged 45, on 19 November 1821 and was buried in St Jame's churchyard

Thomas Makin was also related to James Makin.


Re: James Makin x 2 - Master Cutlers

Hi Sarah,

James Makin aged 21 married Elizabeth Wilson Williams aged 21, 6 Feb 1806 at
Sheffield Parish Church. It was by licence, which was dated 3 Feb 1806.

Sheffield Independent, 22 Dec 1821, 25 May 1822 and 1 June 1822.
All that messuage or dwelling house and the garden and pleasure ground,
warehouses, workshops, barn and other buildings situate in the Pickle,
parish of Sheffield and in late possession of Mr James Makin, deceased,
but now of his widow. The late Mr James Makin carried on the manufactory
of forks and bayonets.

Sheffield Independent, 17 May 1823.
Mrs Makin.
(Widow of the late Mr James Makin).
There is then an announcement that she is to commence a Millinery and
dress making business from her home, top of Howard Street.

Sheffield Independent, 1868.
MAKIN.....At her residence, Baslow, Derbyshire, in the 90th year
of her age, Elizabeth Wilson, widow of James Makin, Esq., of
the Pickle, Sheffield.


Re: James Makin x 2 - Master Cutlers

Thanks Moira.

Re: James Makin x 2 - Master Cutlers

Thanks Angela

Re: James Makin x 2 - Master Cutlers

Thanks Dave