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Need to share

I am sure we have all had that moment when enthusing about something you have found during your research and your partner gives you that look!!! Rolls their eyes and thinks here she goes again. I have just had such a moment! so I thought I would share my excitement with like minded people like you lot!!!!
Thanks to Susan P Giller I found my way to the Derbyshire parish records and whilst going through pages and pages of burials etc. I came across an entry made by the vicar in 1793 which reads thus:-
(On Monday 21 of January 1793 the fierce usurpers of the sovereign authority in France, laid violent hands on and barbarously murdered the King – Louis 16th.
Thus ended a mortal life of a Prince who ascended the throne of his Ancestors with most favourable auspices, whose mild virtues were long with popular admiration:- who received more professions of esteem affection than any other Monarch and fell at last by the intriguing ambition of the very wretches, who after years passed in the most servile and object flattery of his qualities and persons embraced their hands in his blood.

About half past eleven o’clock on the forenoon of Wednesday 16th October 1793
Marie Antoinette, unfortunate Queen of France was brought the scaffold and there preserving her natural dignity of mind, being condemned by a sanguinary tribunal of the revolution submitted to her execution in the most passive manner.
The assassination of Louis 16th had prepared us for that of his Consort. For how can we wonder at any actions committed by a horde of wretches who surpass in wickedness everything which the history of tyrants has taught us or that most fanciful imaginations could picture itself.)

The vicar obviously felt very strongly about the events and the need to record them. I wonder what he would have felt if he knew that nearly 250 years on someone would be posting his words on the internet.