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Winnell - Sheffield

I am researching my Great Grandfather William Winnell’s family. William was baptised at Cathedral- Saint Peter, Sheffield, York, England and was transported to New South Wales in 1833. I have comprehensive information of his conviction and life in Australia. It is the family in Yorkshire I am interested.

William’s parents were George Winnell and Isabel Hardy and they were married at Warmsworth, York in 1800.

As far as I can establish they had the following children:
Hannah Maria - Christened Warmsworth, 24 May 1801. (I suspect she died as a child as they had another daughter also named Hannah in 1810)
Sarah – Christened 13 Mar 1803 – Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield
Martha – Christened 12 Jun 1805 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield
George Hardey – Christened 19 Jul 1807 – Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield
Hannah –- Christened 14 Jan 1810 – Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield
Henry - Christened 24 May 1812 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield
William – Christened 8 Feb 1815 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield

The following details haven’t been confirmed and I’m wondering if anyone might have any suggestions about what my next steps could be? I might add that the names given to William’s children in Australia follow a similar naming pattern.

William’s father George Winnell was Baptised Date on 16 Apr 1780 Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, York. His father was given as Kinsey Winnell. FHL Film Number 919326
Records obtained from Family Search show a Kinsey Winnell as father of the following children:
Charles - Christened 29 Jun 1764 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield
John - Christened 30 Apr 1766 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield
Hannah - Christened 22 Jun 1768 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield
Catherine -Christened 29 Sep 1776 - Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield

The only marriage I have found for a Kinsey Winnell is to a Catherine Goodyear 22 July 1739 at Ecclesfield, York. I found a death for a Kinsey Winnell, age 80, 7 Sep 1817. (National Burial Index) therefore would have been 2 at the time he married!!!! Therefore it’s unlikely the children above are the products of the marriage of Kinsey Winnell and Catherine Goodyear. I have been unable to find another marriage for a Kinsey Winnell.
I found a record in which a Kinsey is mentioned as the father of the bride when Catherine Winnell, age 19, born 1756 married a Joseph Barker 16 Jun 1775, Church of Sheffield, York.I s uspect there might have been another Kinsey Winnell.

Any suggestion would be very welcome.

Bev Wilson
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Winnell - Sheffield

Hi Bev,

When Kinsey and Catherine married in 1739, it was by Licence.
The licence gives both their ages as 21 years and that they were
both of Silkstone. Another entry says Kinsey is of Ecclesfield.

This would give a birth date of about 1718 for Kinsey.

Kinsey WINDLE of Sheff.
Baptised 4 June 1718 at Sheffield Parish Church. Father - Tho' (dyer).

Kinsey WINNEL buried 20 June 1718 at Sheffield Parish Church,
son of Thos' Winnel, dyer.

Kinsey WINDLE of Sheff.
Baptised 29 January 1719 at Sheffield Parish Church. Father - Tho' (dyer).

Both the baptisms are on this site.

Kinsey Winnell, Breeches Maker, of Southey Green near Sheffield,
buried 7 Sept 1817 age 80 yrs, Sheffield Parish Church.
Southey Green is now a suburb of Sheffield, and is roughly half way
between Sheffield and Ecclesfield.

Both the above baptisms are on this site.


Re: Winnell - Sheffield

Hi Bev,

Probate Index, York, 1688-1858.
Kinsey Winnell.
Date: Dec. 1794, Sheffield, Yks.
Document: Will.
Document reference: vol.138.f.266
Index reference: 17930011799120289.tif/28
Document ordering:

Kinsey Windle buried 30 October 1794 at Sheffield Parish Church.


Re: Winnell - Sheffield

Hi Bev,

Kinsie Winnell married Martha Beldon, 30 June 1763 at Sheffield Parish Church.

On the baptisms of George, Charles, John, Hannah and Catherine, their
father Kinsey is a breeches maker. George's entry also says 'by Martha'.
Martha was buried 22 October 1783, wife of Kinsey, Sheffield Parish Church.

So, this is the Kinsey Winnell who died in 1817 aged 80yrs.
I would guess he was born somewhere between 1737 and 1742.

Tho. Windle married Martha Kinsay, 4 November 1706 at
Sheffield Parish Church.

I'm presuming that the Kinsey Windle, baptised 1719 might be the one
who married Catherine Goodyear in 1739.

There are three baptisms at Sheffield Parish Church -
John Windle of Sheff. bap 19 March 1742
Charles Windle of Sheff, bap 8 Oct 1746
George Windle of Sheff. bap 13 June 1750
All have the father Kinsey, a gardener.


Re: Winnell - Sheffield

Thanks Moira.
You are a real gem. I didn't expect to find out so much about the family. The change of name from Windle to Winnell is very interesting as in one of William's court records I seem to remember it referring to a William Windle. I thought he was just being a naughty boy and using an alias. This is something he did for a few years after moving to the Colony of Victoria.In fact his first three children were all baptised with the family name of Williams?

I have ordered a copy of the Will of Kinsey, Dec. 1794. I'm happy to forward a copy to Sheffield Indexers when I receive it if you are interested.

Kind regards,