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Wardsend Cemetery & Bolsterstone St Mary


Would anyone know if there are any transcripts that can be purchased of burials for these two places for the years after 1901 to about the mid 1950s? I've got people in my tree that are likely to be buried at either place but there are no online records. If there are any disks that can be purchased, I am happy to do so :)


Re: Wardsend Cemetery & Bolsterstone St Mary

Hi Claire,

Have you tried George Procter at Wardsend. You will find his e-mail under our MI's

I believe St Marys Bolsterton PR's have been transcribed.

If you look at our Parish Records scroll down and click on the LINK for that church that might help.


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Re: Wardsend Cemetery & Bolsterstone St Mary

Hi Elaine,

I've previously messaged George at Wardsend when I've been looking for a specific grave. I didn't want to bother him with just general look ups for a branch of my tree that I am trying to tidy up. I wondered if there had been any transcriptions done by anyone after 1905 that I could purchase. I guess there hasn't been.

With Bolsterstone, the link shows that the transcripts are only up to 1863 and on FMP, its before then also. I am looking for the late 1890s and more recently. I did visit the churchyard last weekend but for a small village, there are a huge amount of graves and some are now cordoned off so couldn't look round most of it. Stunning church yard though :)

Looks like I am going to have to visit the archives in the coming weeks.


Re: Wardsend Cemetery & Bolsterstone St Mary

At the moment, the only comprehensive source for Wardsend burials after 1905 is FMP (apart from the original registers in the Archives). The great advantage of FMP is that they have both the images of the originals and a transcription, so they can be searched.

If you have some names you are looking for you can post them here and one of us with a subscription can search for them.


Re: Wardsend Cemetery & Bolsterstone St Mary

Ah you're right Hugh, I forgot about FMP which I do have a sub for. I got confused with FMP because it tells you the burial is at St Philips Shalesmoor rather than Wardsend. Did burials stop altogether at the church yard after a certain date that I can be sure that the burial is at Wardsend rather than St Philip?