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Marriage records .

Hi, I was wondering if it's unusual for the bride's father not to sign the marriage certificate ? I know that he was alive when the marriage took place so I thought that perhaps he didn't approve and that is why he didn't sign or wasn't aware that she was getting married? Also there are two signatures on the record, one is the groom's father and the other one I can't quite make out the surname so I'm not sure has to what the relationship to either one of them was.
Any info will be appreciated.

Re: Marriage records .

Hi Ann, I assume you mean the witness section and if so it doesn't have to be the brides father. whilst on my own marriage certificate my father in law and my best man signed, on my mothers it was my fathers two brothers. Hope this helps and that I am not being misleading. Regards Barry Green

Re: Marriage records .

Hi Barry, yes I did mean the witness section. Thank you for the information. It is very helpful.

Re: Marriage records .

Where a bride (or even groom) was under age -very rare now!- there was usually some encouragement to have the father sign as witness, to demonstrate that permission had been given. From what I recall, minors getting married by licence would always need to get a parent's signature (or witnessed mark), but with a wedding by banns the permission would otherwise be just verbal.


Re: Marriage records .

From my own personal experience: when I married at St.James Church Norton in 1970 I recall Canon Gleadhill asking for my father's details prior to my marriage. As I hadn't seen my father for several years I didn't even know if he was alive so the information I gave Canon Gleadhill was supposition so my marriage certificate actually states my father's name and occupation though he wasn't actually at my wedding. The marriage was witnessed by my grandfather and brother.

Marlene C.