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Help with Loxley Chapel Burials.

Dear all, we are looking for a few snippets of detailed info about the Loxley Chapel burial grounds. Can anyone please identify the position (or approx position) of specific grave there? Despite the overgrown nature of the place we know that there have been burials there late in the 20th century, so maybe someone can remember a visit there.
All info will be welcome

Re: Help with Loxley Chapel Burials.

Hi Dave,
The following information is from the Loxley Burial CD that I purchased from the Bradfield History group.

Location of Graves.
The churchyard is well planned and split into areas. For the purposes of
this CD, each area has been given a name to help locate individual burial
places. These are:
• CSS – Chapel South Side
• CWS - Chapel West Side
• CES - Chapel East Side
• CNT - Chapel North Terrace
• CLT – Chapel Low Terrace
• CIN – Chapel Inside
• CIV – Chapel in Vestry
Plans of the Churchyard.
Within each part of the churchyard, graves are set out in rows and every
plot has a grave number. Using plans of the churchyard, together with its
reference number makes it possible to pin point the actual location.
Copies of a plan for each area are available at a small cost. Requests can
be made by email to:

I hope this helps.

Re: Help with Loxley Chapel Burials.

Delia, thank you but that is not what I want. I want positive visual ID. I am looking for someone who has visited their ancestor's grave and can tell me positively where it is. Sorry, Perhaps my original question was not clear enough. I have already found one in a photo, could do with Three or four more.

Re: Help with Loxley Chapel Burials.

Dear all, I have now received all the info I need from someone who is very familiar with the chapl graveyard. Therefore I am very happy to close this thread