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sheffield workhouses

hi was wondering if anyone could advise me on how to access workhouse records .i have only recently been told that my father and his two sisters and their mother my grandmother spent a time in firvale workhouse when my grandfather put them on the street rather upsetting to find this out and would they have had their photo taken any help would be appreciated regards lesley

Re: sheffield workhouses

Lesley, the workhouse records are in Sheffield Archives. They are subject to the 100 year rule so how you get them depends on when the events occurred. You can ask the Archives to search for you (at a cost) if it is inside the 100 years but you have to show that you have a right to the info. It is unlikely that the workhouse would take a photograph.
What date period are you interested in?

Re: sheffield workhouses


The only records that survive for the Fir Vale Workhouse are the punishment registers. Lyn Howsam will confirm this if she sees your posting.

When was your father born? The workhouse system was abolished in 1929.

You will find lots of information here.