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Benjamin (Ben) BLACKSHAW of Chapeltown - Buried where ?

Hi all and thanks for looking.

I am currently involved in trying to locate the burial place of a Benjamin BLACKSHAW b.circa 1882 - 1884 at Chapeltown, Sheffield.

I have found him in the 1891 and 1901 census, I know he served WW1 but is not listed as a casualty. I can only find 2 Benjamin BLACKSHAWS one of whom was born 1880 from Rotherham and died 1965, different parents so can be sure it is not him.

I am left with the only other Benjamin BLACKSHAW, I know his date of birth and can only find one other recorded died, Wakefield 1920. This is most likely him.

However FMP lists a Benjamin BLACKSHAW buried Burn cross cemetery but I cannot find this info anywhere else and can't find his grave after trawling through the cemetery.

Fly in the ointment is there is a B BLACKSHAW on the Chapeltown war memorial and our Benjamin is the only B BLACKSHAW from the Chapeltown area so it all points to it being him. There is no B BLACKSHAW on the CWGC site.

It is possible that he died from war related wounds/condition/Spanish flu etc just after wars end and his family made representations to have him on the memorial but the CWGC was not informed?

Help to determine if he is buried in BurnCross would be much appreciated.

Thanks. Rob

Re: Benjamin (Ben) BLACKSHAW of Chapeltown - Buried where ?

Hi Rob,

Is this his baptism:

Benjamin Blackshaw, bap 6 June 1882 at St. George, Brook Hill, Sheffield.
Parents - John and Esther of Crookes, moulder.


Re: Benjamin (Ben) BLACKSHAW of Chapeltown - Buried where ?

Hi again Rob,

Sheffield Independent, 22 May 1916.
Chapeltown Heroes.
Private Ben Blackshaw of East Kent Regiment of Burn Cross, had a narrow
escape, his steel helmet being dinted and wrist-watch broken, during
a mine explosion.

Sheffield Independent, 4 October 1916.
From a letter sent by Sergt. T. H. Wood of Yorks and Lancs writing
from France to his parents in Burncross, Chapeltown.
"I am glad to hear the village can boast of a medallist, and was
delighted to hear of Ben Blackshaw's work. Bravo, Burncross."

I wonder if there are any war diaries for this period. You might be able
to find out more about Ben's 'work'.


Re: Benjamin (Ben) BLACKSHAW of Chapeltown - Buried where ?

Hello Rob
A Benjamin Blackshaw, aged 36, died in Cardigan Sanitorium, was buried on 21 February 1920 in Section Q1, Grave 38, in the consecrated area of Burncross Cemetery.
I can email you an image of the entry if this your Benjamin. regards,Christine, Friends of Burngreave Cemetery.

Re: Benjamin (Ben) BLACKSHAW of Chapeltown - Buried where ?

Hi Rob,

From the Sheffield History Forum.

Blackshaw B. Pte. Awarded MM of Burn Cross, Chapeltown.
This was in the Sheffield Daily Independent, 30/8/16.

B. Blackshaw awarded Military Medal.
Pte. 6th Bn. E. Kent R.
Regimental number: 7564
Date of Gazette: 23-8-16.
(This is viewable on FMP).


Re: Benjamin (Ben) BLACKSHAW of Chapeltown - Buried where ?

Hello Moira and Christine

Thanks for all your efforts and the fantastic information.

I think the info regarding his burial in Burn Cross cemetery is indeed the right one.

Trip down there shortly.

Thanks again