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Fox Family of Sheffield

I was sent this message directly from Basil in Victoria BC....... Elaine.

His Ancestor.
George Fox a grinder wife Hannah born 1786 Yks.

Children all baptised Sheffield Parish Church

Martha Fox 10th July 1815 Bap.. 30th July 1815.
Sarah 22nd Aug 1817 Bap..... 14th Sep 1817.
*George Fox 30th Oct 1825 Bap....8th Jan 1826
moved to Canada after 1861 census.
Thomas Fox 19th Jan 1823 Bap... 2nd March 1823.
Ann Fox 29th March 1828 Bap...25th May 1828.

*George Fox(1825) married Margaret Lofthouse in Ripon 1850.
They had five children born in Sheffield
One more child (son) born 1868 in Victoria BC.
Margaret was baptised in Hunslet (Leeds) Wesleyan Chapel
12th Feb 1826.

Hope you can come up with new information for Basil.


Re: Fox Family of Sheffield

Descendants or ancestors of the above?


Re: Fox Family of Sheffield

Hi Hugh,

I would say Ancestors at this stage.

He is in contact with a lady who has a tree on Ancestry which matches what I had turned up. Nothing past the George & Hannah (1786) Fox. The date for Hannah was their material not mine.

I have told him that I would post it on here and he was to keep an eye on the replies.

Elaine in soggy Ottawa.

Re: Fox Family of Sheffield

Descendants or ancestors of the above?


I have not found any more information on the Fox family except the last posting from David Brandrth.
Thank you,
Basil Fox

Re: Fox Family of Sheffield

Dear Hugh,
Elaine sugggested I contact you to say which way to search my family. I wish to go back as far as is possible. But I understand that there is only so much material available. From the census material available.
So I thank you in advance if you come up with any more information. So far I have Martha Fox with a cross stitch picture when
she was 10 years old. However, I sent a copy of the Fox. family from the 1841 cenvus which gave another George Fox. and
Hannah Fox. If you can confirm that they are distance relatives that would be nice. I think they were.
Jan Bridget who lives. In the North of England found some information of George Fox's siblings . He was married to Margaret
Loftwood I believe is his wife's name. He emigrated to Canada, VIctoria,B.C. Canada around 1862 and started a business of
Fox's cutlery store on Government Street. I have all the dates of his five daughters of which 2 died in early years.
One son, George Thomas Fox continued the business under the name of M. And H.A. Fox after George died in 1873.
Hellen Annie Fox ran he business until George Thomas was old enough to take over the businessCGz9

Instant Messenger: Hugh, please follow my message if you can. Very much appreciated. Basil

Re: Fox Family of Sheffield

Morning Basil,

The Canadian information is for you to research and we will try and help you with
the Sheffield info.

From what I researched the other day and Jan's tree I will try and add to it.

I started by looking at the marriage of George snr & Hannah Fox.

Their first child Martha being born in 1815.

My first thought was the marriage probably took place close to the 1815 birthdate of Martha.

I then found that the first George I turned up was a widow.
So back to the drawing board.

Marriages prior to 1848 were supposed to take place at the Parish Church of Sheffield or its chapelries.All such events would be entered in the Parish Churches Registers and I found the following.

Sheffield Parish Church CD available from Sheffield & District Family History Society.

Sep 1808-1812
Mary Chadwick ref. K/129/346
Sarah Axon. ref. K/13/137/363
Ann Heeley. ref. k/533/197

6th Sep 1813 SFPC.
George Fox & Hannah Williamson
George widower, Hannah spinster. ref m/127/381

29th Jan 1815. SFPC.
George Fox & Hannah Guest
George widower Hannah widow. re h/116/346

Then on to the census.
1851 census Regent St, Sheffield
George jnr & Margaret Fox both aged 25
This was shortly after their marriage so no children.
George was a cutler.

1841 census.
George Fox aged 16 Cutlers apprentice born Yks.
Isaac Barns was his master and thats where he was living.

This looks like his mother.
1841 census Edward St Sheffield.
Hannah Fox aged 55 yrs Independent born Yks.
Thomas Fox aged 15 yrs Cutler born Yks.
This does not say Hannah is a Widow but she looks to be head of household.

Just to point out to you for the 1841 census ONLY adult ages were to be rounded DOWN to the nearest 0 or 5.

Thats as far as I can go I am afraid but if Jan is in Yorkshire she could research those marriages more.
Maybe she has Find My Past and can look on there and see if any of those Georges was a GRINDER. May not state that but worth a try.

Elaine in Ottawa.

PS> How about having Jan check this Forum out and she can see where we have been for information.

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Re: Fox Family of Sheffield

Just to add from my last offering.

I have found another baptism which may indicate an earlier marriage.

Sarah daughter of George and Hannah Fox (grinder)
Baptised 9th June 1811 born 27th April 1811.
This was at the Parish Church.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Fox Family of Sheffield

I had another "thought"...... a red letter day LOL.

Basil may not know but we in Yorkshire had this tendency to drop our "H" and also add them.

So keeping that in mind I wonder if that marriage to Ann Heeley is your Hannah.

Just a suggestion.

Elaine in Ottawa.

*** Could I ask *Kevin*on his next visit to the Archives to check it out please.

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