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I will soon be visiting UK from NZ and would like to visit my grandfather's grave - but I can't find it although I can find his wife's family. His name is Sydney Gregory and he died 13 October 1948 in the royal hospital, Sheffield.
Grateful thanks to any who can help.

Re: grave

Hi Margaret,

I think your best bet would be to contact Bereavement Services City Road Cemetery. They administer all the Municipal Cemeteries in Sheffield.

The Indexes we hold in our database do not show him. 1948 is still pretty recent
so harder to find. Any hints where his immediate family are buried would help.
Do you know what religion he was. How old was he at time of death. Better still birth date.


Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: grave

Hello Margaret
A Sydney Gregory aged 68, Cutler, was buried in Wisewood Cemetery on 18th Oct 1948 in Grave 8582, Section N (R C). The Grave appears to owned by Beatrice Gregory and Sydney is the only entry. Christine (Friends of Burngreave Cemetery)

Re: grave

Christine, you are a gem! Thank you so much. Sydney was 68 and died on 13 Oct and his wife was Beatrice. He was a master cutler. He became RC at the age of 20. It all fits. I had never heard of Wisewood but his family lived in Lang House , Stubbing Lane. It is just up the road from the cemetery. How wonderful.
Now I can go and visit my grandfather's grave when we are in uk in Jun/Jul. He died before I was 2 years old. Beatrice came and joined us in Australia at the age of 80something.

My mother told us that her father, Sydney, had gone round the graves and churchyards and traced his people back to Rob Roy McGregor. I was trying to do this on line but have run out of time. We got back to John Gregory born 1816 and have no idea how to proceed further back. We are going to walk some of the Rob Roy Way. Will have to have another go at the genealogy when we get back home.
Thank you so much.