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1939 Index

Could some kind person who has the 1939 index have a look for the following person please.

I am looking for a William Wilson aged 47yrs born Sheffield (1891)
BUT could be living in Bulwell Nottingham. He was there in 1920.

On the 1911 census he was a Railway Servant living with his mother at 9 Grant Rd, Hillsborough.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: 1939 Index

Elaine, you can get quite a lot of info even without an account. For William Wilson born 1891 there are 203 answers and 99 of them are in Yorkshire west riding. 3 are in Nottinghamshire.
To find him with certainty you would probably need his birthdate.

Re: 1939 Index

Hi Elaine,
Using the birth year of 1891, I searched Sheffield and Nottinghamshire,
looking for a William that worked on the railways and found the following.

70 Sleaford Road, Newark, Notts.
William Wilson, D.O.B. 18 July 1891, Parcels porter etc Railway, married.
Beatrice F. Wilson, D.O.B. 25 Jan 1891, domestic duties, married.
Harold B. Wilson, D.O.B. 19 Jul 1920, Assistant outfitters shop, single.

I know it's a stab in the dark, but without his exact date of birth
and who he might be with makes it a bit difficult.


Re: 1939 Index

Hi Dave & Moria,

Should have realized you would need more information.

Registered in Nether Hallam Book 92 Page 58
William Wilson. born 27 May 1891 1ct Lock St Nether Hallam.
father George Wilson, File Cutter.
mother Martha Wilson, late Townsley formerly Ibbotson.

Never been able to find George & Martha's marriage but from the above information Sheffield Registry Office and myself believe there was a marriage probably around 1885.

William has older siblings George Wilson (my grandfather) & Florence Limb nee Wilson.

My reason for suggesting they were in Bulwell was that after George was killed
in WW1 they claimed kinship on a pension form along with Georges wife. That was dated 1920. Florence I believe stayed in Sheffield. Martha & William at 32 Forrest Rd, Bulwell.William may have a wife called Ada but no proof.

I have been waiting for the 1921 census to help me. BUT time marches on for us all.



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Re: 1939 Index

There's no William Wilson with that dob coming up in the 1939 register. He would have been a bit old to be in the military.

Are you sure he was still alive?

There's a death registered in Nottingham district 4th qtr 1931 vol 7b p431
William Wilson aged 40.

Re: 1939 Index

Hi Elaine,
I have found Ada Wilson living at 32 Forest Road, Nottingham in the 1939 Register, d.o.b. is 25th May 1891. Also living there is William Wilson b.15 June 1916 he is an unemployed general labourer. There are also 3 closed records (means they were still living in 1991).

I will try and send you the original via email.


PS If George was killed in WW1 why is Martha a widow in 1901 lodging with son George b.1887, Florence b.1890 and William 1892?

In 1911 census she is still a widow with son Charles Townsley and William Wilson!

Re: 1939 Index


Wendy gets the star..... LOL.

I have three George Wilsons father, grandfather and great grandfather.

So it may look confusing.

Martha and George (g.g.) had three children, George Florence & William.

It was Ada who looks to be correct on the 1839 I had found the following

1919...32 Forest Road, Bulwell, Nottingham. Confirmed by the Nottingham Archives William being on the Voters List..for 1920 at that address...................wife Ada.

Pos marriage....Sep 1913 Nottingham 7b 897
William Wilson to Ada Prestridge

Son William born 1916 from the 1939 index.

Nice to know that he had children prior to when he died. Ada being a widow in 1939. Will now go check them out on the GRO index now I have the mothers maiden name.

Thanks everyone.


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Re: 1939 Index

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for the death info I believe that is indeed my great uncle.
His wife Ada? states on the 1839 census she is a widow.

The extract that Wendy gave me is throwing up more questions as usual.
I dont believe that is the correct birthdate for Ada. 25th May 1891.

William her husbands was born on the 27th of May 1891 just too close for comfort for me to be honest.

The marriage I thought I had for for William & Ada Prestridge does not show up on their sons birth registration in either Sheffield or Nottingham.

So back to the drawing board for Ada's maiden name and William (1916) birth registration. I have looked at Ada Dent & Morgan but neither seem to match a William who was probably registered in Sep qtr of 1916. If Ada's birth is incorrect I suppose Williams could be also.

If I purchased the 1939 index would it give me place of birth as well as the three children not "open"?

Thanks Elaine.

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Re: 1939 Index


The 1939 register only gives the address/ name/date of birth and occupation.
It is not a census.

The 1939 Register was used to devise a carefully detailed rationing plan. In January 1940, every individual was issued with a ration book and registered at their local shops. Shopkeepers were then supplied with sufficient food for everyone registered. Ration books worked on a coupon system, so people could only purchase their entitlement and no more.

The only way to open the other 3 is to submit death certificates to prove they have died. All very well but if you don't know who they are then how can you ask for them to be opened.


Re: 1939 Index

Hi Angela,

What a pain.......

Every time I think I am making inroads into these elusive Wilson's the brickwall goes up....LOL.

Oh well will have to wait for the 1921 census.

"I will not go anywhere until after that- I will not go anywhere until after that".......LOL.

Thanks for the info.

Elaine in a warm Ottawa. Spring has finally sprung. 20 deg today.

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Re: 1939 Index

Hi Elaine
When you said

"The extract that Wendy gave me is throwing up more questions as usual.
I dont believe that is the correct birthdate for Ada. 25th May 1891.

William her husbands was born on the 27th of May 1891 just too close for comfort for me to be honest."

it could be right as my husband & I were born on the same day! Whenever we have to fill out joint forms people assume we've put the wrong dates of birth. He has been known to forget my birthday (and his own of course).

Re: 1939 Index

Hi Elaine,

Birth registrations from FreeBMD.
William H. Wilson, June Q 1916.
George Wilson, Dec Q 1919.
Edith Wilson, Dec Q 1921.
May Wilson, Jun Q 1923.
All have the mothers maiden name of 'Donovan' and all in the Nottingham
registration district.

There is a marriage in the June Q 1914 at Nottingham,
William Wilson to Eliza A. Donovan.

In the 1911 census, 16 Montague St., Bulwell, Nottingham is
Eliza Ada Donovan aged 19yrs. She is with her parents and siblings.

Could this be your Ada?


Re: 1939 Index

Hi Moira,

Thanks for that info.........Looks promising will look into it further....

And let you know.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: 1939 Index

Jenny.........Will certainly keep that in mind...Thank you.......


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Re: 1939 Index/Wilson Bulwell Nottingham

Hi Moira,

Just to say thank you again for your information re my Wilson/Donoven link which has just been confirmed by their marriage cert from the GRO.

The marriage took place at Bulwell Parish Church where William Wilson was living
in 1914. The important fact was that his father was George Wilson a File Cutter and deceased which he was. William worked on the Railway as a signalman which is what his older brother was back in Sheffield. George in Sheffield is my grandfather.

Now to find a living rellie in Nottingham. LOL.

Elaine in a very soggy Ottawa but at least we are not flooding.

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Re: 1939 Index/Wilson Bulwell Nottingham

Hi Elaine,

So pleased it was the right family.

Thanks for the thanks.