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City Road Cemetery Clasification of grave types.

We had a posting recently asking about the grave Classification at City Road.

Posting a reply on its own so that it can be read by all.


Normally all the burials in this type of grave were related to or at least known to the grave owner as they had the say of who was buried there and as a result you are more likely to find a memorial on this type of grave.


One purchased this type of grave for a specified number of burials (so husband & wife could be buried together for example) then after the agreed amount of burials had taken place the grave was then resold to other (usually unrelated) families until the graves capacity was reached. It is quite rare for this type to have a memorial.


These were usually (but not always) reserved for stillborn and neo-natal deaths as a result the number of burials in this classification of grave can be staggering. These can be hard to locate as they run at 90 degrees to the standard plot lay out and they are rarely have any kind of memorial.

All three classification can usually be found in all sections.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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