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Bailey Family

I am trying to find out any details on Ivy Bailey DOB 31/12/1914 also William Bailey DOB abt. 1910.
There parents were William Bailey and mother Eliza Bailey nee Barnsley they lived in Sheffield.
The only record I can find on Ivy is the WW 1 entry for William Bailey.

Any information would fill in some gaps.

Re: Bailey Family

Hi Marlene,

I can see your dilemma. I have checked through FreeBMD and Ancestry and I agree with the info you have given us.

Ivy is certainly mentioned on her fathers enlisted/discharge papers
BUT no other child. William older brother must have passed away.

There are 5 children listed on FreeBMD under the Bailey/Barnsley family.

William Bailey 29th May 1887 a Table Knife Cutler. self employed. as was his father before him. He died Sep qtr 1971 Sheffield 2d 12 aged 84.

I tried Ivy Bailey deaths from 1915 - 1986 which is as far as FreeBMD goes.

There are a number of Ivy Bailey's that married in the mid 1930's but I can't think of a way to check any of them to see if you have the correct Ivy Bailey.
Other than an index like ours that would give her fathers name.

Maybe some one could check the 1939 index and see if there is an Ivy Bailey
listed (1914) listed. That would rule one possibility out.

Thats all from me I am afraid.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Bailey Family

The Ivy Bailey that married Robert B GORE in 1936 is listed in the 1939 register with the same date of birth (31 Dec 1914). They have a daughter Norma P. born 26 Jun (Jan?) 1937. They were living at 94 Sellers St.

The name ROBERTSON is written above Norma's surname which shows that the register was updated in 1957 when she married.