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John Turner of Wortley

Following the scaling of my long time brick wall (thank you again indexers) I have now arrived at a new one. It turns out that my ancestor was Hannah Cooper born in Bradfield in 1808. Her birth was the subject of a bastardy bond which I have from the Bradfield Archives. Her father was named as John Turner of Wortley. There is no more info, but he must have been reasonably well off because he paid up for 5 years in advance for the welfare of the child (that is about £20) in 1808 and paid a further more than than £2 lump sum in 1813.
I have identified 2 possible John Turner births in the 1780s in Wortley (FMP) but there is no way to connect them to this. I have exhausted all the 57 records in Bradford Archives which result from searching for John Turner. Does anyone have any idea where I may look next please? Where would people living in the village of Wortley be buried?

Re: John Turner of Wortley

Hi Dave,

Check St Leonards, Wortley out. WE have baptisms on this site.

Elaine with fingers crossed.

PS I can only see one.

Turner, John (of Wortley, born ~).
Baptised April 9, 1776, by T.Thwaites at St Leonards Church, Wortley.
Parents name(s) are ~ & John ().

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Re: John Turner of Wortley

Elaine thanks. That was one of the two baptisms I found on FMP. Where do I find the burials for St Leonard's please?

Re: John Turner of Wortley


1. See if Sheffield Archives hold the burials.

2. S&DFHS may have transcribed them for the NBI.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: John Turner of Wortley

FMP has Wortley burials. This entry matches the 1776 baptism:

burial 10 May 1844
(abode) Howbrook
aged 68

There is also...

burial 24 Feb 1822
(abode) Howbrook
aged 72

Searching just for TURNER results in 44 entries.


Re: John Turner of Wortley

Hugh, thank you. I was hoping it might give occupation.It really is needle in a haystack. I have so little to go on.
The first one checks out on 1841 census as a woodman. At the time of the conception he would have been 29 (Sarah was 24). The second would have been 57.
I guess this one may need to go on the back burner until something else crops up.
Thanks again, Dave