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Fathers Day

For all the "Fathers" out there.


From all at Sheffield Indexers......

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Re: Fathers Day

HERE..HERE..!! Elaine.
Pops are Tops today and every day:
My dad was approx. six foot tall, born in Rotherham of a Dad from Shropshire and a mom from Rotherham. He was left orphaned at about 8 years old.
He eventually moved to Sheffield where he met mom and they married in 1929 during the Depression. He raised his family and somehow managed to provide for us through all the tough times.
We all loved him so much.
Dad also had a musical talent and once played the mouth-organ at the Sheffield Hippodrome.
I have many fond memories of him but I would like to share this one:
Every Saturday, he would walk down to Sheffield Hay Market(we lived near the city centre) and amongst the items he bought, there would almost always be a bag of sweets which contained fish mixtures or pear drops which, when everything was rationed, were very much appreciated.
He was taken from us when he was only fifty years old, may you rest in peace Dad and thanks for everything.
Wendy in Guelph:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: Fathers Day

Lovely thoughts Wendy......

I also remember the fish mixture & pear drops. Sherbet lemons which I still buy from the Scottish & Irish store here in Ottawa.

The simple things from wayyyyyy back.