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Re: Information on a family member

Interesting thought John, I've only come across one other record that was in Latin and it was for a marriage certificate for one of my distant relatives to an Irish gal in the Catholic church. Do you know how I might go about finding a record like that - are they even searchable?

Re: Information on a family member

I do - father was William; mother Mary (formerly Rhodes). William was a stone Mason.

Re: Information on a family member


Look over to the left and under Parish Records you will see all the churches we have transcribed including RC ones. The dates we covered are there also.

Elaine in Ottawa.

PS I think we must have a connection if the Laws are Sheffield... Slaters. I can't get to where my Thomas was baptised around 1817. BUT will keep looking would have expected to find him at the Cathedral NOT many churches around at that time.

Re: Information on a family member

At the Cathedral on 31st Dec 1834 there was a baptism for a Joseph Law, parents Joseph and hannah Joseph was a slater. Joseph who was baptised was born on 30th Jun 1828.

Could it be possible therfore that John was born before 1828 an illegitimate child of Hannah but took the name Law after they wed. I know it says John was 75 ish when he died but perhaps he was much older then we all think.


Re: Information on a family member

That's an interesting idea John. This family has been very elusive and it just gets more so. What is interesting to me however - and again, it could all be fabrication - is that the census records for John are pretty consistent on when he was born - sometime between 1834 and 1836. I can't imagine he fibbed about that for decades. I guess it's possible. It's funny because I have other relatives that were born out of wedlock and they owned it, but I suppose it's different in every family. I'll keep searching and I know this one will be top of my list when I finally get to England and can search locally.

I can't thank everyone enough for all of your insights and information. My family predominately ended up in the Sheffield/Rotherham area so if there is every anything I an do to help one of you, please just ask. I'm always willing to share anything I have. Jackie

Re: Information on a family member

Morning Jackie,

I was having another look at my tree last night.....

Came up with this idea......

Looking at the NBI.....

I could only find two Joseph Law's who were old enough to have fathered a child 1834-1836.

Joseph Law aged 54 buried at St Paul's in 1837 (DOB 1783?)
Joseph Law aged 45 buried Ecclesfield in 1845 (DOB 1800?)

Its a pity no occupations given.

fingers crossed something jumps out for both of us with the "LAW" line.


Re: Information on a family member

Jackie - just a thought. I had plasterers in my family and of course they needed something to fall back on if the weather was too bad for building work, or if trade was slack, and so they sometimes worked in the rolling mills. Is it possible that your slater might have worked in the cloth industry just as a sideline?