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Re: westside warrior news network 06262008

hey guy do me a favor n post ur thang sumwhere else. im tired of wherever i go i see it there. ya basta guy! if u can come in n say sumthang pertainining to actull tejano/conjunto events , then u can post it here 4 ppl to read n c. if u dont stop i will banned u fr. posting here.

this board was made for tejano n conjuto event coming up. this will b my 1st n last warning to u. ur post make no sence anyway, im so sure dat my ppl here will b glad to c u out! dont u have ur own board? i dont visit it at all!we dont bother u, why u bother us guy? no body reads ur junk nywayz. ur jus taking space n using space. if u want to post dat junk here then pay sam in advance n we let u post all u want. other than dat RESPECT THIS BOARD!!!!

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