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Re: Hey Jaime...Question from Feb.

Gonna respond directly to your messages:

I've been doing the V24 for a while, but as I am still recovering from nodules, I decided to stop until I can get a reply on the questions below which I posted back in February.

So sorry, I am on it now!

I did recover a lot, like 80~85%, and the node exists on only one side of the fold now. I'm just concerned that the one node could always damage the other side again, so trying to be cautious.

Go to and purchase a pocketVox. Use 'vendera' when you check out to get a discount. Dr. Ilter Denizoglu deceloped the pocketVox to help patients with nodules!

I understand you're very busy, but I'd really like to get back to working out, or at least take a break knowing that it's the right thing to do at this point.

Sorry, I won't disappear again. I just need three of me for all my work, hahaha.


I'm working on week 3 (transcendending tone)
Feeling some tightness like a knot in my larynx the next day. Not necessarily painful, but a bit uncomfortable and voice is slightly breathy at certain pitches. Just concerned I might be doing it wrong. (I am constantly shaking NO during any exercise whenever I feel tight like Jamie breaks during the NO shake)

Post some audios here for me to hear. As well, order that pocketVox and use it during all three of your Isolation exercises. It helps to remove the excess tension of all the medial muscles surrounding the cords so that you aren't over-stressing the voice. This will help you get better at the exercises, strengthen your voice, and help with the nodules. The "help with nodules" is not a claim by me as I am not a doctor. But the DoctorVox devices ARE designed by an ENT/voice surgeon for this exact purpose

Two points of suspicion
During some higher notes, when I break, it kinda 'sounds' damaging (somewhat similar to a full voice fry if such a thing exists) and I feel a slight tug in my throat, especially at the moment the tone shifts. Of course this goes away once I jump the tone. Should I stop immediately when this happens?

YES! You are either tensing too much with neck/internal muscles OR blasting too much air. Again, the pocketVox will work wonders for you.

During lower notes descending below middle C, I feel the resonance go down from my head to my throat, and the placement also kinda drops with it. Maybe I'm using my throat more than I should as a result?

Yes you are using too much throat squeeze I'd say. It should feel like it drops lower even below the throat on low notes. Refer to the Core of Resonance diagrams in RYV.

(Even when singing, I sometimes feel a bit more discomfort in the lower range than when singing high, especially when adding a bit of grit. Could I be doing something wrong in the lower range?)

Yes you can be squeezing in the throat even on low notes.

...or hopefully it's just muscle tension of some sort like the day after you work out.

It is probably excess muscle tension during the exercises and singing. It can be alleviated. If you cannot order a pocketVox, try ordering a large rubber straw like the ones they use for smoothies. OR search for "laxvox tube" on a site like Amazon. Use this approach to help balance out the amount of muscle involvement during those exercises. It could take many weeks to learn that balance, but it will be well worth it:)




Jaime...sorry I have bee sooo slow:)