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Re: Full sounding(chesty) voice bottom to top

Hello there!Im pretty much new to singing(starter practiding ryv about 6 months ago)but i know some stuff and j hope i will be able to help you.So first of all i want to correct you about head voice and falseto...if you are read the book you should know that falseto is just a breathy tone meaning your vocal cords dont come together like when you are singing in full voice, and head voice is a place where your voice resonates when singin notes above your head voice is actually full voice and falsetto is color of the head voice.To get those high notes to sound chesty and big you should just stick to the exercises and methods in ryv and have patience with it.For me when i started a was barley able to hit E4 in full voice and was straining as hell but with lots of practice i am now able to hit C5 in full it sounds thin and i kinda struggle to hit it but note before C5 like A4,B4 that i couldnt imagine hitting half year ago are now relativley easy for me and they sound big and chesty.So just stick to the exercises and you will get there.Also i would like you to know from my short expirience you should not try any bridging before you can reach at least an A4 with ease and strain free even if your break is at F i think you should first expand your chest voice as high as possible and than start to experiment with bridging.In the end with LOTS of practice your voice will feel like chest voice just cuta through break point and continues to go higher(remember im not an expert so i suggest you wait for someone more expirienced than me to give you an answer but until then just practice)Hope i helped you:)

Re: Full sounding(chesty) voice bottom to top

thanks man...