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This message board was created so that singers could come together and "sound off" to help support each other during vocal development and the creative process of unleashing the creative spark that occurs when writing and producing music. Currently, myself and vocal coaches Ben Valen, Ray West, and Ryan Wall are here to respond periodicially to your questions, with new vocal coaches coming soon. But, feel free to help each other too:)

This board is here for you to ask questions about my and my fellow coach's books, videos, and MP3 programs, as well as offer others help with our vocal techniques. You may also post videos of yourself and your band to share your music and ask for critiques.

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Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

I am no longer making the PTD-1. I do not have the time or place to do it. I believe that the shipping problems that I had with overseas shipments were directly related to the manila envelope/mailing package I was using. They were fine inside the United States, but I had several of them returned ripped, and more than a few just seemed to disappear - especially those going to Australia for some reason.

Due to my mom's declining health, my dad decided to sell their home. He refuses to put her in any kind of nursing home or institution, so we are taking care of her at home. I understand why - they've been married for well over 50 years. She is almost comatose and for the most part my day involves rotating her every 60 minutes so she doesn't get bedsores. Without a doubt, I can say that Dementia is not something I would ever wish upon anyone. My mom was such a vibrant woman and now she is reduced to being a 70-year-old infant.... but it has given me a new perspective on life and my girlfriend and I are both going back to college to become Registered Nurses.


Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Hate that for you:( Love you, brother!

Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Gimme a ring, Skullsplitter, I have an idea.