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Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Actually, I didn't even take into account the registration of the website. It may be that I actually wound up paying people to take them. I'm going to have to do a breakdown of all the expenses, because if that is the case, then I am most definitely going to shut it down.

Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

I finally ran all the numbers this morning.

I am shutting it down.

If I had sold a lot of them, it would have made money, but the sales did not even cover my expenses. So that's it. I figure after 7+ years, if I can't make it work, it's time to hang it up.

If you are in the Continental USA and want a PTD-1, contact me - because February is going to be the last month they will be available.


Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Please stop ordering. I just refunded that last order from Germany. For the time being, the PTD-1 is no longer available.

Thank You.

Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Jaime sent me a message, and essentially told me I can't stop selling the PTD-1. LOL

So here is what we are going to do.
I'm not going to sell them for about 2 months.
A friend of mine is an engineer, and we are designing a machine to do some of the work. Trust me, when you hands hurt after several hours of making them, you're not so enthusiastic about making them - and on top of that, when I discovered that I actually lost money on them - I just sort of flipped out.

Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Back online.

PTD1 back online

Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Thanks for continuing production! I just ordered mine

Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

PTD-1A is an excellent tool!! I've been using it for over a year and it is a great way to exercise the breathing muscles. I recommend it!

You should try expanding your market for this.
I believe all athletes will benefit from it.

Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Greetings, Skullsplitter.

I bought a PTD-1 by the end of 2012.

I rememeber you said you were in the middle of re-writing the program for the device, and that it would be available as an e-book.

I was wondering if there have been any changes or updates to the instructions since then.

Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Hello Tim,

Is the PTD-1 still available for purchase?

I'm extremely interested in getting 1!


Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Steve, it depends upon where you are.

I have two orders that are going on to Europe and one in India. People keep ordering from outside the USA, and I have continually had problems with the orders. some people apparently were sent a thing to go pick the device up by their customs office, and they never did, so the devices got returned.

I have literally been housebound for the last 3 months. My mom has dementia and cannot be left alone because she tried to get out of a wheelchair and broke her femur in three pieces, then my dad was hospitalized for heart and kidney issues for a few weeks. I was literally forced to stay in the house for over 2 months straight to watch my mom. I've had very limited access to the Internet. I could not get into my Paypal or Google e-mail account.

So for now, I have removed the order page. I have to get this straightened out or shut it down completely. Sometimes life just seems to get in the way. LOL


Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

I am no longer making the PTD-1. I do not have the time or place to do it. I believe that the shipping problems that I had with overseas shipments were directly related to the manila envelope/mailing package I was using. They were fine inside the United States, but I had several of them returned ripped, and more than a few just seemed to disappear - especially those going to Australia for some reason.

Due to my mom's declining health, my dad decided to sell their home. He refuses to put her in any kind of nursing home or institution, so we are taking care of her at home. I understand why - they've been married for well over 50 years. She is almost comatose and for the most part my day involves rotating her every 60 minutes so she doesn't get bedsores. Without a doubt, I can say that Dementia is not something I would ever wish upon anyone. My mom was such a vibrant woman and now she is reduced to being a 70-year-old infant.... but it has given me a new perspective on life and my girlfriend and I are both going back to college to become Registered Nurses.


Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Hate that for you:( Love you, brother!

Re: PTD-1 for Jaime Vendera's students.

Gimme a ring, Skullsplitter, I have an idea.