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Re: Grit&Rasp Question

Hey there! I guess i managed to do the grit but it happens unintentionally. I mean i know the area it happens (when i try to sing with mix voice in chest voice areas like c4-e4) but its really hard to pull the grit into high parts, i can just maintain the tone in the c4-e4 area and its not enough. How can i gain control? Does that mean im doing it wrong when i cant control it?

I try to avoid unintentional grit because that's how you get injured or practice bad technique. Best advice I have is to practice lots of different grits because various grits are easier to different people. IE, the hardest grit for me to get was ironically the Chewbaca exercise (a requirement for grit) which I then gained much later after getting all the other grits.

Also gargling water didn't help me at all. I did that forever and even now I still can't see how to get grit from gargling water.

Grit is basically the right amount of tension and relaxation as you blow air at the soft palate. Practice where you are comfortable.

The worst thing you can do is practice 'strain' by trying to put grits immediately into your highest and lowest notes (and/or screams) and try to grind it out. A little grit will already make an impact on the note higher or lower, there's no need to try to build this super-amazing climax when you are first starting out.

Also the frustration/anger thing works, but you have to think of it as limited anger and frustration. Like you create just enough tension/relaxation to get a grrrrrrrrrr going. Sort of like turning on a car in one twist--you get that bit of anger/frustration and then it's on or off. DON'T GRIND IT.