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My Job?
I love my Job, never change
Looking for employment, see our Employment
Looking to change employment


Never 0
Someday, working up to it.
A few ( 1 to 3 purchases)
some, more than 3 purchases per Year
ALOT: once a month or so.

Site bonding?
I use one of your sites for a home page.
I have one of your pages in my favorites list
I would put one of your Banners on my site.
I visit often
My first visit. We hope you enjoy our web pages.
I have added a link to your blog on my site.

My primary use of the WWW
Just fun surfing
Finding stuff
Music MP3's

This is my first visit, I'll be back though
2 ot 3 visits a month
2 to 3 visits a week
2 to 3 visits a day
couple of times a year.
This is my first visit probally won't be back.

Your age is?
I am 11 to 14
15 to 18
19 to 25
26 to 35
36 to 45
46 to 55
56 to 65
over 65

My religion
I am a moderate, traditional Muslim
I am radicalized, fundamental Muslim
I am a Christian
I am a Jew
I am an athiest
I don't want to say

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