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First,Just cuz I'm wonderin'...How would you rate my site?
No Opinion
So they just let anybody have a website, huh?

Should US Troops pull out from the Middle East?
No, They need to finish what they started!
Not Yet, But soon!
Yes, they don't belong there anyway! Not our fight!
I just want our Loved Ones back home safe SOON!

Did Saddam really have WOMD?
Hello? He had his receipt from the 'Bomb R' Us' store, duh!
Maybe just a few holocaust inducing war heads, but who doesn't?
Of course NOT! Saddam is just a teddy bear!Plus he's good with kids!
No, He just likes hiding from Ground Troops in Spider holes,Das All!

Do you think the Media is too involved in the War with Iraq?
Why no, What else has CNN got to do all day.
Yes! Please stop with all the Exclusives!
I don't have a t.v. and what is a 'Media'?
We're at WAR???!!!?

Should George Bush be Re-Elected?
Yes! We need a strong leader in times of Crisis!
I dunno, but I KNOW I'm not voting for Kerry!
I don't vote, I just hope fer the best!
Didn't he leave office in the mid 80's? Isn't he like 110, now?

Do you think Jane Fonda should receive an 'award' for 100 Greatest Women, considering her anti-American past?
Yes. Because Nazi's are people too! They deserve reconization!
All Hail, Jane Fonda, The 4th Rieghct! Guten tag!
HELL NO! ARE YEW CRAZY?!? Why does she still live here? We should've already run her off!
Umm..Yes...I mean...Which one is polictally correct? That's my answer.
Now what a tick...Jane Fonda? All she ever did was some workout videos...Right?Activist and areobicist.Now theres a combo ya dont see much!

In relation to the article, 'TFI Workers treated badly', Do you think the management at TFI acted inappropriatly when dismissing elderly workers unexepectedly and making them walk long distances to awaiting cars a block away?
Yes. Elderly folks should be treated with respect because they deserve it.
Maybe. No one knows the circumstances of the layoffs still, as of yet.
No. Companies need to do whatever it takes to protect themselves legally. Even if that means some get kicked in the knees.

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