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April 28th

1788 Maryland ratified the Constitution, becoming the seventh state of the Union.
1789 The most famous of all naval mutinies took place aboard the HMS Bounty en route from Tahiti to Jamaica.
1945 Fascist leader Benito Mussolini, his mistress and several of his friends were executed by Italian partisans.
1975 The last U.S. civilians were evacuated from South Vietnam as North Vietnamese forces tightened their noose around Saigon.
1986 The Soviet Union announced the Chernobyl nuclear reactor fire had killed two people, with 197 hospitalized. Nine months later, it reported 31 had died and 231 suffered radiation sickness.
1988 An Aloha Airlines Boeing 737 lost an 18-foot chunk of fuselage at 24,000 feet between Hilo and Honolulu, Hawaii, killing a flight attendant. The pilot landed on Maui with the remaining 94 passengers and crew, 61 of them injured.
1993 U.S. Defense Secretary Les Aspin opened combat aircraft to military service women and sought a change in the law to allow women to serve on naval combat vessels.
1994 The U.S. Navy expelled 24 midshipmen from the U.S Naval Academy in what was said to be the biggest cheating scandal in academy history.
1994 Former CIA officer Aldrich Ames pleaded guilty to spying for the Soviet Union.
1996 U.S. President Bill Clinton testified via videotape as a defense witness in the Whitewater land trial.
1996 A rampage by a gunman in Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia, killed 35 people.
2001 California businessman Dennis Tito became the first tourist in space. He reportedly paid Russia's cash-strapped space agency as much as $20 million to give him a ride to the International Space Station.
2003 Iraqis said 15 people were killed and about 65 wounded when U.S. soldiers opened fire on a group holding an anti-America rally. U.S. officials said the soldiers were responding to gunfire.
2003 The SARS outbreak in Beijing escalated rapidly during April with the number of cases reaching 1,199 by month's end.
2004 About 100 people were killed when armed insurgents stormed police stations in southern Thailand.
2005 A Shiite-led Cabinet was approved by Iraq's National Assembly for its first freely elected government.
2005 The Japanese train wreck death toll hit 106. An express train derailed and smashed into an apartment near Osaka.
2007 U.S. inspectors reported significant problems with reconstruction projects in Iraq, including plumbing and electric failures and apparent looting.
2007 Pakistan's interior minister was injured slightly in a suicide bombing that killed at least 28 people and injured dozens more in the northwest city of Charsadda.
2008 The U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Indiana law requiring state or federal photo identification in order to vote