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Sheena in San Diego

Hey Sheena fans, Is anyone planning on seeing either of her shows in San Diego singing James Bond music??
I Have made this my vacation this year,i am so excited! Sheena plus 6 days in San Diego,should be a blast!!!
I hope others from here might be at the show as well!!
How many Bond songs do u guys thing she will sing other than her own???

Re: Sheena in San Diego

Hey, would love to be at the San Diego show!! To hear Sheena with a symphony orchestra will be just amazing - juts a bit far from London for me sadly:(
If you could possibly write even a brief review for us on here that would be great?! A sneeksy pic? Well,enjoy - both nights practically sold out so the atmosphere will be amazing:)

Re: Sheena in San Diego

Hi Tommy! So how was the show? What did SHeena sing?

sheena sings Goldfinger ...

Hi everyone

clips are now appaearing on you tube - fantastic quality and a great performance

Re: sheena sings Goldfinger ...

Looking and sounding great!! Full of admiration. Not easy to front a massive project like that when mainly been doing her own "relaxed set" of late. Must have given her a boost - 2 sell-out shows:D

Re: sheena sings Goldfinger ...

Heard her version of Skyfall. Whew! Beats the original hands down by miles!

Check out the clip, uploaded by SheenaTrax. Thank you, SheenaTrax!

SheenaTrax on SoundCloud.

Yup, some great tunes stored there. Lately the uploader is sharing a vintage, performance at Tokyo's N.H.K. hall from 11/11/81, Sheena's first(?) Japanese tour.