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Sheena Easton" V " Word Mention in Magazine

Hi Everyone,
In this week's Entertainment Weekly mag dated Feb 21 there's a
Sheena Easton mention. On page 64 under the topic 1989 Chart Flashback there's a top 10 listing of the Billboard chart from that week. (The article notes the chart is a quarter of century ago !!)

Anyway this is what was written: # 5 - Sheena Easton - The lover in me - Considering Sheena also sang "Sugar Walls," this was pretty tame - or at least less explicitly about her vagina. B+.

Well now, I personally never thought the song was about THAT but I guess in a way it was ?!

Speaking of another V word, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone !(As I'm in the USA - it's still Feb 14.) Lover in me as many of you all might remember was a Valentine's hit. When LOVER .. came out around the Fall of '88, it was moving at a snail's pace up the chart even dropping in the early weeks of its release. Then Feb / Valentine's time came along and the song picked up steam and ended up at #2 - Sheena's 2nd biggest hit.

All this talk about Valentine's Day makes me think of my favorite Sheena love song which is..."101."

Shout outs to Robert S, Rob I, Cherry Tarts !


Re: Sheena Easton" V " Word Mention in Magazine

Hello Sabeha!I never thought of Lover In Me as being about THAT thing either. Even with the woman crawling all over the bar top and pouring water on herself!!

It was such a huge hit in Asia. It just catapulted off the radio charts and playlists. I remember every DJ was talking about the "new"Sheena Easton, the "comeback"single etc. And you heard the song at least 5 times an hour if you surfed the different radio channels, which I did! lol! She was even played on the different language radio channels as well, because she was really popular then.

Sheena, apparently, has been thinking of recording. Read the interview here.

I hope she gets into it before the end of the year!

Re: Sheena Easton" V " Word Mention in Magazine

Hello Everyone.
Just thought I would shout out backacha Sabeha. It is so nice to hear alittle something from you. I remember back in 1989 where I was when "The Lover In Me" was on the radio I was clubbing back then in my early 20's and the club I visited all the time was playing heavy R&B and Sheena's Lover in Me was right up there being played and the dance floor was rockin and packed.

I remember thinking that the song could make it to #1 if it could keep Tiffany from taking the spot. As we all know, it did not make it but it was so close. I loved the club mixes of the song and the original extended mix the club played was bass driven and packed a punch vocally. I also remember the video being played alot on big screens in the clubs and the club kids really liking Sheena Easton and saying they could not believe the transformation of Sheena and that her look was so hot. It was a wonderful time in my life. Ahhhh the memories..

I really hope that Sheena will record again this year even if she does not do a pop record I just want something new from my Diva.. Let's say a prayer everyone..

Cheers Sabeha and shoutout to Robert our webmaster here..

Peace Out!
Robert S.