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Which is Sheena Easton's saddest song ?

Hi Everyone,
What do you think is the saddest Sheena song ?

When I bought those 2 Sheena reissues (Madness/YCHBWM & A Private Heaven/Do You) I noticed just how many sad love songs our gal has recorded. Before I forget, I must say thank you yet again to Joe for letting us know about these reissues - so glad to have them. I also read a posting from two fans awhile aback who talked about Sheena's sad songs which got me thinking. Please write in - I forgot who posted about this topic first.

Anyway the song I would pick is "In the Winter." Written by Janis Ian (a Sheena favorite in her younger years) who must have recorded it first . Ian recorded another doldrums type song called "17" I think ( apparently she was an expert at penning down in dumps songs.)

The track IN THE WINTER has no hope in it all. It's about being ditched or jilted and seeing the ex going on find love, marriage and happiness while the dumped one is alone, still in love with the ex and to add insult to injury she's cold and apparently not financially well off at all on top of that ( "...fix the heater, getting old...") There must a metaphor in there with her being like the heater. All in all quite depressing. Almost the same storyline as Adele's SOMEONE LIKE YOU but with the extra money troubles thrown in for good measure. Both ICE OUT IN THE RAIN and WEEKEND IN PARIS are sad songs too but Ice ...doesn't have the ex's wife in her face and in Weekend...she decides to move on from the cheating ex.

Would love to know what other fans feel are Sheena's saddest songs.


Re: Which is Sheena Easton's saddest song ?

Glad you enjoyed the reissues.

Agree re 'in the winter' very sad song.

But for me the song 'you've learned to live without me' just such a passionate song of lost love!

Re: Which is Sheena Easton's saddest song ?

Hi Sabeha! Long time no hear from you!

The saddest song Sheena's record in my opinion, is Ne Me Quitte Pas (If You Go Away). The arrangement on her No Strings album is so sad and pining, I can imagine the cold wind blowing on a winter's day, all grey and stark. When Sheena's voice catches and breaks at some points, my heart breaks too. I swear she is singing from experience. I first heard it at a sad point in my life, and I sort of enjoyed being maudlin whenever I listened to the song! Luckily, I also learned to live without the person that broke my heart!

Re: Which is Sheena Easton's saddest song ?

I too think "In The Winter" is one of the saddest.

The song is beautiful, and I think Sheena's version is better that Janis Ian's orginal.

The song is about loneliness, and the lyrics really makes that come through, you can actually feel it when you listen to the song.

The story of the lyrics, the woman who tells it, requires not only a good singer, but also a good actress to make the story come through.