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Re: 28 years ago tonight....

LK, this is a wonderful thread you've started. For someone who's not seen Sheena in concert, these reminisces are real gems!

Could all you fans give us recollections of the tours Sheena's given? I'd be really grateful, as there seem not to be any tapes or videos of her in concert in the 80s.

BTW, I never knew that the line "90 minutes under the gun"refered to something so personal as her BKS tour. How did you know?

Re: 28 years ago tonight....

Other memories from those shows: She sang everything from "A Private Heaven" except "Double Standard" and "All By Myself." On the second night (I've posted this story before), I handed her a bouquet during "You Make Me Nervous" and instead of simply taking the flowers, she held my hand while she sang, which got a laugh from the audience. During "the blood races to your private spots" line in "Sugar Walls," she put her hand over her crotch, which was was really a surprising move! As the song was new, I thought she was singing "Sugar Rolls," not "Walls." And she did the hand-over-crotch thing both nights, so it must have been a choreographed move.

Unfortunately, this was the only time during her prime that Sheena performed in concert in the Phoenix area. The next time she came through was in a "Colors of Christmas" tour in 1994.

I saw her in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand in 1995. It wasn't a tour, but she had a stage set with a big ramp. She opened with "I've Got the Music In Me" and didn't sing "Morning Train" the night I was there. During "Sugar Walls," she sang part of it lying on her back with two backup singers on the ramp. For "Strut," there was some business with her pulling a chair across the stage. By this point, her show was much more "Vegas" than the "Private Heaven" tour.

Re: 28 years ago tonight....

So when the album was released the tour was over and done? She should have toured in early 1985 when "A Private Heaven" sold platinum and had two Top 10 Hits. It would be a more succesfull tour, probably a sellout, and with more people attending the concerts.

Re: 28 years ago tonight....

It's not like the tour was a failure. Both shows at the Palace West sold out. I'm not sure of the capacity then, but now it's 1,300, so that's 2,600 seats sold. Plus, it's not like Sheena was ever an arena act in the United States, even in her heyday.

Re: 28 years ago tonight....

Did she go on tour when "Do You" was released?

Re: 28 years ago tonight....

Thanks to everyone who contributed their memories about the opening of the "A Private Heaven" tour. I posted this because it was to the day (a Thursday evening) and I remember one other fan, several years ago, posting a set list from that first night.

As for the reference to "90 minutes under the gun". I heard a radio special in April 1984, In which she explained the lyrical significance to this phrase. Also the previous line "Flying East to the Rising Sun". Obviously refers to her Asian tour at the time. It was a quirky interview Sheena gave. I can't recall the title or who the interviewer was, but the program was at least an hour long. Maybe one of our fellow fans can recall this interview/research it/or has is recorded somewhere?

I also have my ticket stub and some newspaper clippings from that concert. I'll have to upload them soon.

Thanks for replying and all the memories

Re: 28 years ago tonight....

Having never attended Sheena's albums and having borned way after Sheena's heydays, these are great posts to read.

To think she sang all (save 2) songs from A PRIVATE HEAVEN is a real treat!! "Hard to Say" is a great song that SHEENA seemed to be promoting well. Tragic it was not the third single.

I would love to hear her concerts promoting DO YOU.