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If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

This new Sheena Easton compilation album is just another one of those EMI releases. Who needs another one??? The best compilation album of Sheena Easton is still 1989's "For Your Eyes Only-The Best of Sheena Easton" (which was her very first compilation album).
It's way over due for a greatest hits album including both EMI and MCA hits (though she only had 2 hits on MCA).

Now I've been thinking, If _I_ were to put together a greatest hits album of Sheena, it would be these tracks:

01 The Lover In Me
02 Strut
03 Ice Out In The Rain (1989 Remix)
04 For Your Eyes Only
05 Modern Girl
06 Morning Train
07 We've Got Tonight
08 You Could Have Been With Me
09 Do It For Love
10 Telefone
11 Almost Over You
12 When He Shines
13 Sugar Walls
14 What Comes Naturally
15 101

I didn't include "U Got The Look" because it isn't a Sheena Easton song. It isn't even a duet, Sheena just has guest vocals on the chorus. And when the single was released Sheena name didn't appear on the cover.

I had some second thoughs about "We've Got Tonight" too, because I see it more as a Kenny Rogers song event though it is a duet. But it was from Kenny's studio album, not from a Sheena album. And it's Kenny who begins to sing.

And "When It Shines"...I think it's a boring song, but it was after all a Top 20 hit in the UK, and I know it's a favorite among other Sheena fans, so I included that one too.

"Do It For Love" wasn't a big hit, but I included it anyway (It did make the US Top 30 after all).

The 1989 remix of "Ice Out In The Rain" is so great in my opinion that I HAD to include it.
It could be a single relaese to promote the album.

And "101" of course...It's a master piece and a perfect bonus track!

The only problem is that this album should've been made in 1992. It's almost as if it's too late now.

And now I wonder: If YOU put together a greatest hits album of Sheena Easton, which songs would you include?

Curious about your answers!

(And keep in mind; a double album with more than 20 songs would be for die hard fans only. Other people wouldn't buy an album with 40 tracks. We want the album to be a hit, won't we? )

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

Hi all Sheena Friends... It's too difficult to put in one cd all Sheena songs that for me, are perfect for a compilations album.

1-Modern Girl
3-almost over you
4-you could hace been with me
5-Ice out in the rain
7-we've got tonigth
8-magic of love
9-sugar walls
10-Do it for love
11-no ordinary love
13-the lover in me
14-what comes naturally
15-Til death do us part
16-Now that my baby's gone
17-St' Judys commet
18-The nearness off you
19-You never gave me the chance
20-Giving up Giving in

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

was funny to read this , cause i had just filled a blank cd with Sheena songs, preparing to see her in Chicago! here is what my greatest include
1)Almost over You
2)Calm before the storm
4)You do it
5)Love and Affection
7)Sugar Walls
8)No Ordinary Love
9)The Nearness of You
10)You've Learned to Live Without Me
11)Fire and Rain
12)Who knows?
13)Never Saw a Miracle
14)Take me Home
15)Misty Blue
16)One More Reason
17)One Love
18)In The Winter
These are the songs that i cant live without (i wanted to put each and every track from no strings cd)

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

Morning Train (9 to 5)
Modern Girl
When he shines
You could have been with me
For your Eyes only
Sugar Walls
Almost over you
We've got tonight
The lover in me
What comes naturally
Me gustas Me Gustas Tal Como Eres
now and forever with barry manilow
Arms of orion with Prince

They're not necessarily my favourite Sheen songs but include her biggest hits, including some harder to find tracks such as the spanish songs, plus duets

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

I would choose a double album: hits and hidden gems

Morning train
Modern girl
One Man Woman
For your eyes only
Just another broken heart
You could have been with me
Almost over you
We've got tonight
Sugar Walls
U got the look
The lover in me

Hidden gems:
No one ever knows
A little tenderness
In the winter
I don't need your word
Love and affection
Young lions
Wanna give my love
Still in love
Too much in love
Dance away the blues
St. Judy's comet
My treasure is you
Get here to me

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

But do any of you have an idea/explination why there has never been released a greatest hits album that includes her two MCA hits "The Lover In Me" and "What Comes Naturally"??

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

" Best ballads" contains songs from both albums...

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

I would compile differently if it's just a greatest hits package than if it's my favs. If it's just my favs (which includes non-hits) this would be it:

1. Morning Train
2. Modern Girl
3. Take My Time
4. You Could Have Been with Me
5. Just Another Broken Heart
6. Machinery
7. Are You Man Enough
8. In the Winter
9. Telephone
10. Almost Over You
11. Strut
12. Do You Do It for Love
13. Magic of Love
14. So Far So Good
15. Still Willing to Try
16. Arms of Orion (with Prince)
17. The Lover in Me
18. Without You
19. My Cherie
20. Please Don't Be Scared

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

Another idea could be more a singles collection (from a UK perspective).

01 Modern Girl
02 9 to 5 (Morning Train)
03 One Man Woman
04 Take My Time
05 When He Shines
06 For Your Eyes Only
07 Just Another Broken Heart
08 You Could Have Been With Me
09 Machinery
10 We've Got Tonight
11 Telefone
12 Almost Over You
13 Strut
14 Sugar Walls
15 Do It For Love
16 The Lover In Me
17 Days Like This
18 101
19 What Comes Naturally
20 Giving Up Giving In

Only 2 of these singles failed to reach the UK Top 100 ("Strut" and "Do It For Love"). But you cant leave out "Strut" since it was a big hit in many other countries, and I included "Do It For Love" only so there would be 20 tracks (I have a problem with odd numbers...).

What strikes me when I listen to a Sheena Easton compilation album is that it sounds like an album with several different female artists, since Sheena often changed musical style during the same decade. Compare "Morning Train" to "The Lover In Me" and it's weird to think that it's the same artist (only 8 years apart).

I remember one review I read where it said 'listening to a best of sheena-album is like listening to 3 different singers which none of them share the same music taste.
Well said, actually'.

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

If it's a greatest hits than we need to capture the big and the proudest hits of Sheena, so this is my suggestion:

1. Morning Train
2. Modern Girl
3. For Your Eyes Only
4. When He Shines
5. Machinery
6. Are You Man Enough
7. Telefone
8. Almost Over You
9. Strut
10. Do It for Love
11. So Far So Good
12. Eternity
13. The Lover in Me
14. 101
15. The Nearness of You
16. What Comes Naturally
17. To Anyone
18. My Cherie
19. You've Learned to Live without Me
20. U Got the Look (Bonus Track)

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

But if I would do a collection of my favorite Sheena CD:

1. Morning Train
2. One Man Woman
3. Just Another Broken Heart
4. Savior Faire
5. Are You Man Enough
6. In the Winter
7. Ice Out in the Rain
8. Telefone
9. Almost Over You
10. Don't Leave Me This Way
11. Strut
12. No Sound But a Heart
13. The Lover in Me
14. The Next Time
15. To Anyone
16. The Nearness of You
17. Someone to Watch Over You
18. Please Don't Be Scared
19. You've Learned to Live without Me
20. My Treasure is You

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

Hi everyone,
I'm new here but I always enjoy reading this forum so this time I would like to make everyone enjoy with my sheena best of album

Best Kept Hits

1. Morning Train-9To5- US#1
2. Modern Girl US#18
3. For Your Eyes Only US#4
4. We've Got Tonight US#6
5. Telefone-Long Distance Love Affair- US#9
6. Almost Over You US#25
7. Strut US#7
8. Sugar Walls US#9
9. Do It For Love US#29
10. So Far So Good US#43
11. The Lover In Me US#2
12. Days Like This US;R&B#35
13. 101 US;Dance#2
14. What Comes Naturally US#19
15. You Can Swing It
16. You Got The Look (Bonus Track) US#2
17. Anything Can Happen (That Unreleased Track!)
18. A Newly Recorded Song

I want this album to be very strong like which can equal to Madonna's The Immaculate Collection or Mariah's #1's.Also I want
each track to be single version and remastered.We are supposed to fantasize about Sheena's album so please enjoy!

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album


01: "Morning Train (9 t 5)"
02: "For Your Eyes Only"
03: "Modern Girl"
04: "You Could Have Been With Me"
05: "We've Got Tonight" -duet with Kenny Rogers-
06: "Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)"
07: "Strut"
08: "Almost Over You"
09: "The Lover In Me"
10: "Do It For Love"
11: "Ice Out In The Rain" (1989 Remix)
12: "When He Shines"
13: "Sugar Walls"
14: "What Comes Naturally"
15: "101"

Re: If you were to put togeter a Sheena best of-album

Since I feel that so many songs from Sheena's early 80s recordings have already been reissued, my list may differ quite a bit. Here's my list:

01-Morning Train (Nine to Five)
02-Modern Girl
03-You Could Have Been With Me
05-For Your Eyes Only
06-The Wind Beneath My Wings
08-Almost Over You
09-We've Got Tonight
11-Sugar Walls
13-Do It For Love
14-Magic Of Love
15-Jimmy Mack (Remix)
16-So Far So Good
18-Still In Love
19-The Lover In Me
20-Days Like This
21-No Deposit, No Return
23-The Arms Of Orion
24-What Comes Naturally
25-You Can Swing It
26-To Anyone
27-My Cherie
28-Modern Girl (97)
29-Giving Up, Giving In
30-My Treasure Is You

I guess this would have to be a double CD greatest hits package.....