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Sheena Interview Special coming on TV?

Sheena fans, especially those who live in the States, who can throw light on this? It appears to be a really rare TV/webTV documentary or special? Really exciting if it is!

Kurt Kelly Backstage Pass All Access interview with Sheena Easton

Kurt Kelly's exclusive interview with Sheena Easton in her private dressing room; Backstage Pass All Access; at The Showroom at the Southpoint Casino and Hotel on Saturday April 21,st. Watch for details about the upcoming special with Sheena Easton, coming soon to Actors Entertainment - Sidebeat Music - Sheena Easton with Kurt Kelly [and on other Kelly sites and programs]. Kurt was in Las Vegas on a 10 day shoot of the NAB [National Association of Broadcasters], and a behind the scenes "rare" look at Southpoint Casino and Hotel with Tom Mikovits; which will be coming soon to Actors Reporter; when he became reacquainted with Easton. Kelly, from the very beginning, helped break Sheena's career in the U.S. at Golden West Broadcasters WTWR - Tower 92 Detroit, and NBC WKQX - Q-101 Chicago [and has the gold to prove it].

ALso on Kurt Kelly's Facebook. This time with a really big pic of Kurt with Sheena.

Re: Sheena Interview Special coming on TV?

Finally, there's a 5min video to go along with the interview from earlier this year.