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Which current STAR resembles SHEENA ?

Happy New Year Everyone,
Nearly a year ago I read a little article on the Wonderwall (?) website about current stars who resemble stars of yesteryear (which ...gasp! meant the '80's). Guess who they picked as the one who looks like the young version of our now 'twilight' aged Sheena ? You're right if you said Kristen Stewart !! I don't see the resemblance although I think Kristen is lovely and perfect as Bella in the Twilight movies.

In her present look I think Sheena looks a lot like Madelaine Stowe who many know as the b*tch in residence on the fantastic Revenge TV show. In fact if the powers that be decided to give Stowe an equally evil sister I'm sure Sheena can step up to the plate quite easily.

Is there anyone who thinks Sheena resembles some other star ?


Re: Which current STAR resembles SHEENA ?

Sabeha!! Happy New Year! So great to see your post.I kind of see the Kristen resemblance a bit. I always thought (from the 80's)Sheena reminded me of Debbie Harry, especially on Act 1 during "he's a rebel", when she had the wigs on!!

Hope all is well!


Re: Which current STAR resembles SHEENA ?

Rachel McAdams, particularly in the eyes and cheekbones. When I was watching "The Time Traveler's Wife," it really jumped out at me. To me, she looks like Sheena in the "My Cherie" era.

Re: Which current STAR resembles SHEENA ?

Hey Rob and Elias,
To further complicate the resemblance thing, it just hit me that the younger Debbie Harry and Rachel McAdams kinda look alike ! It's their lips in particular. I happen to be a fan of both btw. Yes Rob, now that you mention it I do see a Debbie vibe going on with Sheena on that "He's a rebel" Act One bit. There are a couple of Sheena/Debbie connections out there -remember they both appeared on the same Body Bags episode ? And they can both claim less than successful albums that were produced by Nile Rodgers. Debbie's was Koo Koo and I still feel koo koo for buying it ;).

Elias, have you seen Rachel M on the cover of the current Feb 2012 Glamour mag ? I have it and if you want it email me. It's free of course.

Re: Which current STAR resembles SHEENA ?

LOL @ Sabeha (KOO KOO for buying it)
Please tell me it was in the $1 Bin!!!

I think I will give it a spin (Yes, I have a copy too!!)

Re: Which current STAR resembles SHEENA ?

back in the day i always thought Marie Osmond had a somewhat Sheena facial resemblence. although Sheena 20,000 times sexier!

Re: Which current STAR resembles SHEENA ?

Just watching some Sheena videos on youtube and i remembered who i thought was a lookalike of Sheenas back in the day, EMMA SAMS she was in a soap opera in 80s