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Sheena's recent show

Here's a blog about Sheena's recent show. It's got good pictures of Sheena on stage too!

Celebrated my birthday in Las Vegas with Brian. And we went to Las Vegas for one reason: Sheena Easton. Omigah, I love her!! Seeing her live made my birthday so awesome.

I was too young to see Sheena when she first came out with her big hits. Obviously, I was way too young because I used to think "Sugar Walls" was about Hansel and Gretel and a house that was really made of sugar. Then, randomly in late 2009, I got really into her. I got all of her albums and was completely hooked! So, seeing Sheena at a show in Vegas was like making up for lost time.

Confession time: I totally cried when Sheena sang "For Your Eyes Only." It was pure magic.

By the way, I turned 32. :)

By the way, she did perform "Sugar Walls", and hearing those high notes live sent chills up and down my spine.