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Sheena's interview + audition tape on TheLost45s

Here's a gem: Sheena talks about her audition and the programme plays her audition song (You Light Up My Life).

Click on "Online Shows: 8 Guests, 1974 Yearbook and more". You'll have to register and login to listen. But it's easy and besides, worth the effort to hear Sheena talk about it!

Sheena comes on around 3:15:35.

You'll only have this week to listen to her though. The online show is updated every Thursday, and there are no archives.

Hey, if we keep voting for Sheena, they might put her on the programme again!

Re: Sheena's interview + audition tape on TheLost45s

Very nice and funny gemm to listen to!!! Thanks for the info! XXX kabo

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