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Sheena to guest host Animal Radio this weekend!

Sheena fans, here's something to look forward to! Sheena will be guest hosting Animal Radio this weekend. (

Pop Diva Sheena Easton Guests on Animal Radio®
Easton’s First Love is her Furry Family

(Animal Radio Newsroom - Los Angeles) 80’s Superstar Sheena Easton is back on Animal Radio®. The ‘extremely conversational’ singer admits that music is really her second love. Her first love is her house-full of cats and dogs. Easton guest-hosts on this weekend’s AM/FM/XM Satellite Radio broadcast of Animal Radio®.

People who think cats are self-maintaining creatures, you put out a dish of water, a dish of food and you leave the house and the cat’s happy… boy they’re wrong,” Easton tells Animal Radio® listeners.

“One of Sheena’s cats, ‘Puffy’, named after Puff Daddy, has peeing issues,” says Animal Radio® Executive Producer Judy Francis, “she says she’s removed the carpets and couches because of this problem, but she would do anything for the ‘gangsta’ cats.”

Hear this special Animal Radio® broadcast on XM Satellite Radio ch. 158 (America’s Talk) Saturday January 16th at noon EST and rebroadcast Sunday the 17th at 5pm EST. Animal Radio® also broadcasts on 99 AM/FM radio affiliates, including KOST 103.5 Los Angeles. See more listening options at

Stateside Sheena fans, could anyone record it and share with us fans who live outside of the USA?

Re: Sheena to guest host Animal Radio this weekend!

Thanks for posting. I've added it on to the news page

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