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Typhoon Frank LGU Story-1

In reaction to Merwin Mosquera's comment about Typhoon Frank that hit Sibale: He expects us to submit Report of Damages in the internet, as if Sibale has an access in the internet. The local govt. did submit the Report of Damages not in the internet, but to the concerned government agencies: the National Disaster Coord. Agency(NDCC), to the Provincial DSWDO, to the Red Cross, to the Dept. of Agriculture and even to the City of Makati(our sister municipality/city c/o d late Mayor Pros Fabregas).

The figure P5.2M was actually the estimate of damages the Office of Mun.Agri.(Mrs. Nelia Yap-09059711272) and d Mun.Social Welfare and Devt. Office(Mrs. Grace Fedelicio-Fabella:(09154112540) has collatted from the 9 barangays. For the information of our kababayans, every Brgy. Kagawads has each own assigned sitio for them to take care of. The recent Typhoon Frank proved their usefulness! Thru the efforts of all Brgy. Kagawads and because of their systematic approach in gathering data from the fields, the municipal govt. was able to compile and prepare Reports of Damages and timely submitted it to the above-memtioned givernment agencies.

Further info, at that time Typh Frank hit Sibale(starting to Sat.evening) only 2 Brgy. Captains were at Sibale, the rest were out of d island. Same also with some SB Members, they were out of Sibale when Typhoon Frank whipped Sibale. The following Sunday morning, even when the wind has not yet fully weakened, the Mayor mobilized a Team to conduct ocular inspection around the island. The Mayor was with the Team that includes: Vice-Mayor Pepe Ferriol, SB Members: Rey Feudo, Jazz Familaran and Diosing Atillano, Mun. Officials; Budget Officer Bob Fanoga, Secretary to the Mayor Poping Famarin, Leo Daniel(ninio)Faigmani, the Members of PNP: Deputy Chief of Police Villardo Fruelda Jr, P01 Allan Fesalbon, P02 Danny Cabatay, P01 Lemuel Familaran and other PNP Members, from Concepcion National High Scool; Teacher Felixberto Famarin Jr and Andy Familaran, from the private sector: Alger Fesalbon, etc. From the Municipal Building, the Team armed with handsaws, axes and boloes(in anticipation of fallen trees along d roads) by motorcade proceeded to San Vicente. There, the Mayor went straight to the Barangay Hall and gave instructions to some brgy. officials to expedite the gathering of data from their respective sitios......Then to Dalajican, a very big fallen tree blocked the road that made it impassable to motorcycle,..the Team in clockwork precision, using their tools removed the obstruction, and in just a little over 45 minutes, the road was cleared! We went to d Brgy. Hall, summoned the brgy. officials and instructed them about the Reports Of Damages....To Brgy. Masadya: d Team met the brgy. officials(Kagawads:Erlindo Fanoga jr., Jesse Ferrera, Peregrino Fornal jr.)and Rodel Abao, etc. at d junction where a big trunk of mango tree blocked d roadway. It took us more than 1 hour to remove d obstruction! The Team took their lunch at the res. of Roderick Gabutero and P01 Lemuel Familaran...The Team then proceeded to Masudsud, no obstruction along the road.....Thus, by midday, the road section from Poblacion-San Vicente-Dalajican-Masadya and Masudsud were cleared of and made it passable to motorcyles..The Mayor reminded the Brgy. Officials of Masadya and Masudsud about their Reports!

On the other side of Sibale: Brgy. Captain Jay Falculan led his brgy. kagawads in clearing the road from Poblacion to Masudsud via Hamtik and Bato, the road from Poblacion-National High School to San Pedro....In San Pedro, brgy kagawads: Virgilio Atillano, Orly Salvaloza, Joel Fortis and others did their share in clearing the roadways of their brgy...In Calabasahan, Brgy. Captain Rico Fabellon led his team of brgy. kagawads and other volunteers in removing fallen coconut trees that blocked the roads...In Sampong and Bakhawan, there were no obstructions that were reported on their roads.....In the afternoon, from Poblacion the Mayor visited San Pedro, Calabasahan, Sampong and Bakhawan...insructed the brgy.officials about their Report of Damages..By the end of the day, the entire circumferential road of the island was made passable....what was left impasssable was the Poblacion-Bakhawan Provincial assigned maintenance employed by the provincial government were taking care of that road!

On the next day of Monday, the Mayor assembled all the Munucipal officials an employees at 3rd Floor and gave briefing of what happened during Typhoon Frank and also listen to the stories/inputs from among the officials and employees. The Mayor told them, that at the height of Typhoon Frank constant communication with Gov. Jojo Beltran, Cong. Budoy Madrona, Ms. June Recon of Prov-SWDO were made updating them of what is going on in Sibale, but d communiction went off bec. the cellsite lost its signal, thus the island was now big waves and lost cellphone signal!.to be continued.....