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Re: Re: Couples for Christ Sibale Livelihood Project

Hello Limuel, thank you for your participation in the frutious exchange of ideas here regarding the project Bong and I are proposing.

I am glad to know that your Mom is setting a good example to our kasimanwas in Calabasahan, not only as a barrio health worker but as a resident who is proactive in maintaining a healthy and ideal island-lifestyle in the community. I certainly hope many will follow suit.

The project I am proposing however, hopes to target those who are not engaging in such a productive backyard enterprise, which appears to be still uncomfortably large in number - island scale-wise.

You can probably suggest to your parents to take ap pro-active stance by encouraging those who engage in a similar backyard enterpise to set up a "mercado" in Calabasahan on a "cooperative-like" set-up to trade their excess produce? A once a week or two-week "on the market exposure" basis may suffice in the beginning. I"m pretty sure they can enlist the help of the munisipyo for certain logistics for the start-up. Who knows where a "humble beginning" will take them?" It will be great if eventually they expand trade with the neighboring towns, and elsewhere. As a pioneer in such a potentially profitable venture, they will serve as "a torch of light" for the rest of the majority of Sibalehons to follow.

Send my regards to your parents. Silinggang mahagar et tayong, petchay atbp....:). God bless!

Your Auntie Ophie

Re: Re: Re: Couples for Christ Sibale Livelihood Project

Dear Auntie Ophie,

Mom is now in Odiongan. She was in Oregon for about 20 years. Dad is in heaven for 2 years now.

Anyway, I want to say hi to the Fallarme clan. Uncle Ponso Fallarme and I are e-mailing each other. I call him from time to time. At 91 years old he is still very sharp.

Yes, we will help each other for the progress of Sibale.

I am connected to the Santiago clan - composed of Fallar, Fallarme, Fallaria and Fallurin.

I hope to meet many of them in the future.

God bless.



Re: Re: Re: Couples for Christ Sibale Livelihood Project

Aunte Ophie,

Your idea is good of having a week-end or Monthly Tiangge (pagtinra or baligya it mga fruits and vegetables in a specified place). But the problem is kung karamoan ay ingga ra it mga pananom sa inra uma or backyards, sio pa ara ka mabakay? In this case the surplus should be marketed in other towns or cities. But do they have good storage and transportation facilities? Reli makakatabang it marako kung ingga it organizadong Cooperatiba sa Sibale nak hanrang magtabang sa post harvest concerns, storage, transportations, marketing, etc.

In our next vacation this summer of April 2008, I will personally say your best regards to Mama as part of the big Fallarme clan and to my family and relatives. My best regards also to you and your family, U. Ponying sent me the big lists of the Fallarme Family Tree and I was suprised and excited knowing many names I've never known before. God bless!!!