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From the Mayor's Desk! Job Vacancies-LGU-Concepcion/etc.

Greetings to all my kababayans!

The Municipal Government of Concepcion, Romblon is now accepting application for the following Job Vacancies:

1. Muncicipal Accountant
Must be a Certified Public Accountant(CPA)

2. Municipal Treasurer
Must be a
College Graduate and a First Grader Civil Service
Eligible(Professional Level)

3. Budget Officer
Must be a College
Graduate and First Grade Civil Service Eligible
(Professional Level)

4. Municipal Health Nurse
Must be a Registerd Nurse(RN) year LGU-Concepcion will hire the services of
Medical Technologist on part-time basis...

...for more info: Contact Ms. Doris Fortes-Atillano
cell nos.-09179376230....

Last Monday(October 15, 2007,)the Mayor attended two meetings: the Provincial Development Council(PDC) and Provincial Peace and Order Council(PPOC) in Romblon, Romblon.

Today, Thursday(October 18, 2007)the Mayor signed the Memorandum of Agreement(MOA) between the Department of Agriculture(Secretary Arthur Yap) for the multi-purpose boat to be delivered by the end of this month or in the first week of November. Undersecretary of Agriculture, NAFCI Director Bernie Fondevilla, a native of Corcuera and San Andres Romblon facilitated and assisted the five (5) Mayors of:Concepcion(Sibale), Calatrava, Corcuera, Looc and San Andres for the release of those multi-purpose boats. A turn-over ceremony shall be done in Odiongan later this month or the first week of November.

The Mayor will post in this website the full texts of the MOA once the multi-purpose boat is delivered to Sibale. The boat is a 28 footer, powered by 21hp engine, has a carrying capacity of 15 passengers and has a cruising speed of 7.5 knots per hour. Primarily, the multi-purpose boat is intended for Bantay Dagat operation. The boat is valued at P298,000.00.

In his first month of office, the Mayor wrote a letter to Sec. Yap requesting the said multipurpose boat and coupled with it is a 1/2 tonner Ice-Make which Usec Bernie promised to deliver it to Sibale by the second week of November. Calatrava has now its own Ice-Maker operated by the local government.

In the domestic front, the Mayor sent a directive to the Treasurer's Office by way of Memorandum to prepare a Comprehensive Listings of Names with Unpaid Real Estate Obligations.

The Waterworks Project is now on its final phase of pipeline and watermeters installation. The Water Maintenance Team lead by Julius Fabreag committed to the Mayor that by the end of the month. 98% of the lowland-based households in Brgy. Poblacion will have their own pipeline and watermeters connection.

In the next budget year of 2008, Waterworks Projects got the largest slice of the budget pie in the amount of P800,000.00. With that amount, pipeline connection will now be shifted to upland areas of Felisa down to sea level campus of COoncepcion National High School, Tabok and Quibrada. Similarly, pipeline shall also be undertaken to the upland areas of Cogon down to San Vicente.

But the most challenging task to be done is to deliver the water by way of pipeline connection to Dalajican. The water will be sourced from Tinigban and using a series of reservoirs and submersible pumps via Hamtik, Bato and up to mid-base portion of Banderahan where a modest size reservoir will be built. And by way of gravity, the precious liquid will flow to the water-starved household of Brgy. Dalajican.

....more news next time....

Re: From the Mayor's Desk! Job Vacancies-LGU-Concepcion/etc.

The plan to have a multipurpose boat for Sibale is a good idea and a laudable move. It is suggested, however, that it not be limited for use as a bantay dagat. At present, it seems that illegal fishing using explosive around the waters of Sibale had stop. It has to encompass many uses such as an ambulance to transport patients that needs hospitalization to nearby town of Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro where there are hospitals with good facilities. It has to fitted with the amenities of an ambulance such as roofs and sidings to protect passengers against the heat of the sun, rains, splashes of big waves and strong winds. It has to have a space for beds and/or stretchers and cabinets properly stuffed with emergency medical supplies and equipment. There should be a space for medical staffs and a toilet for the convenience of the passengers. It could be used also by the medical staffs of Sibale to go around the coastal barangays to attend to the health problems in those places. It could be used as well by the local officials to travel to the capital town of Romblon to transact official business. Thus, it will save money for the municipality to hire a private pump boat which is expensive. For this purpose, there is need for a bigger boat, at least 35 footer that could accommodate 30 passengers or more. To accomplish this additional improvements, it would probably a good idea if the Ambulance owned by the municipality of Sibale and stationed in Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro be sold and the proceeds therefrom be added to the amount of P298,000.00 appropriated for that purpose to be used to finance those improvements. The ambulance stationed in Pinamalayan is not fully utilized for the purpose it has to be. It is seldomly used for what is intended for. It remains idle most of the time and not properly kept in an enclosed parking space and could be vandalized

Re: From the Mayor's Desk! Job Vacancies-LGU-Concepcion/etc.

To our beloved kahimanwa,

Thanks to Mayor Lemuel Cipriano for updating us of the developments and happenings in our island Municipality of Concepcion, Romblon. Uncle Ponying is correct to say that the 28 footer boat should not be limited to Bantay Dagat operations but also for other purposes specially emergency cases. I also want to ask following questions to Mayor Lemuel about the "Ice-Maker" that he had requested from the Department of Agriculture. First, if it is realized, what power source is to be used, the present Sibale's limited power supply or it is powered by independent generator? Second, if it is already functional and operational, should the price of ice lower than what is being sold in Pinanalayan? Finally, by operating an "Ice-Maker", are you sure it will increase revenues and thereby add monnies to the coffers of our Municipality? I hope you can find time to answer some of my queries. I also want to extend my best regards to you and to all government officials of Sibale. I hope and pray that you are doing your job for the development of Sibale and for the benifit of Sibalenhons. The lessons of Mactan is an eye opening experiences and hope will not happen again.

Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk! Job Vacancies-LGU-Concepcion/etc.

It is a good news for all Sibalenhon, Sana palagi ganito ang mga Balita na mangagaling sa ating mahal na Sibale. Congrats Mayor Keep up the good work.

Ralph F. Mosquera
Lead Instr. Designer
Foster Wheeler (E&C) Malaysia
Malaysia Refining Com. (Petronas)

Multi Water Lift Station from Tinigban to Dalajican

To our beloved Mayor,

We, the Dalajicaneons wish to commend the efforts of the local executive for the proposed multi-water lift stations & pipelines from tinigban to banderahan and gravity flow from banderahan to local dwellings - kaibhanan kami raha... however, I wish to personally convey to the admistration that the proposed plan is "far from reality".

Technically, it is not feasible as it will require constant pressure from a minimum number of 10 units -2Hp transfer / booster pumps and min 10 lift station concrete water tanks over a datum line water elevation of 3000 ft to 5000 ft and to a distance stretch of approximately 20 km from water source. Financially, it is very costly ... it will cost over millions of pesos to be realized. Plus the cost of regular monthly maintenance covering chlorine disenfection, power consumption, operators, and the maintenance spare parts... amounting to approximately P 50,000.00/month.

The most logical approaches in addressing the water-problems of Bgy. Dalajican is to exploit all possible undeground water acquifers like the one in Pader , Payapag , and other running active creeks or streams, water run-off catchment basins and to subject all these rich potential ground water source to water resistivity test to justify the drilling and installations of deepwells or shallow wells.. Afterwhich, a storage reservior will be constructed to cater the water supply pipelines to every household.

The other alternative option is the provision of minimum 4 units of Public Water Rain Tank Collector per Purok to be hosted by nominated household. One Concrete tank will be designed to cater at least 10 household. This water tanks can be interconnected by pipeline located to a higher elevation for a gravity flow.. Consumer can be charge with minimum cost to cover maintenance cost.

Should the local executive wish to tap my free consultancy design and services, I can be reach at 0920-9223462 or thru my personal email.

I am also appealing to the SB Council for immediate passing and appropriation of budget intended for his this priority project benifiting the water-starved Dalajican household as quoted by our beloved Mayor.

Maramong salamat ka paunang siling it mga Taga Dalajican sa mabilis nak aksiyon it kaling ato pinalanggang Mayor.

Our wish & prayers.

taga payapag.