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From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VII cont..


2d-That, while the undersigned were having a dialogue with Hon. DIOSDADO ATILLANO, SBMember, Chairman, Committee on Rules and PO1 Loyd Salonga Opena, the Operation Manager of Eduardo Calixto Enterprises arrived at the residence of Hon. Atillano and later identified to be Mr. Leopoldo Villaruel, aka "BOLOY". Hon. Atillano and the undersigned interrogated Mr. Villaruel relative to the purpose of their visit within the area of responsibility. Mr. Villaruel narrated that they were the employees of Eduardo Calixto Enterprises who will salvage the sunken wreck of M/V Mactan.

2e-That, considering that the Chief Executive has directed the undersigned to warn the employees of Eduardo Calixto Enterprises not to conduct any underwater activity until such time that pertinent papers are submitted, the undersigned diplomatically requested the Operation Manager in the person of Mr. Villaruel not to conduct any underwater activity first, until such time that they will complete all necessary documents.

2f-That, the undersigned as directed by the Local Chief Executive not to left the site for security purpose. The undersigned aboarded the tug boat, and that is the time the undersigned has recognized the body markings of the tug boat and the two(2) barge as M/T E. Calixto Enterprises 1, M/Barge E. Calixto Enterprises III and M/Barge E Calixto Enterprises IV.

2G-That, on the following day particularly on August 29, 2007, more or less 6:30 am, the underssigned proceeded again to Barangay Masudsud purposely to conduct security and as being directed by the Chief Executive and as being directed by the Chief PNP to ensure safety and security.

2h-On the same date of August 29, 2007, the undersigned together with PO2 Fedelito Holgado, PCG, the designated NCOIC of Sampong Coast Guard Detachment coordinated with the Barangay Officials of Masudsud. The undersigned informed PO2 Holgado relative to the directives and instructions of the Chief Executive not to conduct underwater activity unless the Eduardo Calixto Enterprises has submitted first to the LGU pertinent documents for the legal operation of the same.

2i-On the same date, particularly at about 2:00 pm of August 29, 2007, PO1 Francis John Moreno Rubas PNP Member of Romblon Police Provincial Office, covered with Letter Order Nr. 58 dated August 24, 2007 issued by P/SR SUPT MARIO SINSIN VELANDO (DSC), Provincial Director of Romblon PPO arrived at Barangay Masudsud. Above-named PNCO conducted courtesy call to the undersigned being the PNC Officer-in-Charge of Concepcion MPS, PO1 Rubas presented to the undersigned his Letter Order stating therein the purpose of his mission to conduct security/escort to Eduardo Calixto Enterprises at Barangay Masudsud, Concepcion, Romblon during transit of explosive and during blasting operations. The undersigned informed PO1 Rubas relative to the directives and instructions of the Chief Executive.

2j-However, on August 30, 2007 more or less 10:30 am, information reached before the Office of the Chief of Police stating allegedly that there was already blasting operation transpired at the site of sunked M/V Mactan. Immediately, thereafter, the undersigned proceeded to Barangay Masudsud to verify the veracity of the report. It was found out that the report was positively true. PO1 Rubas was immediately interrogated by the undersigned and that PO1 Rubas stated and manifested that the operation and the release of the explosive for blasting operation was based upon to the order of the legal counsel of Eduardo Calixto Enterprises.

3- Request acknowledge a receipt hereof.

Senior Police Officer
PNC Officer-in-Charge

Copy furnished:

Office of the Sangguniang Bayan
LGU, Concepcion, Romblon

note: I was in Manila last August 25(Sat.) suppose to be i'm scheduled to attend the meeting of SibaleDef(Aug. 26, Sunday) originally set at Robinson Galleria but the venue was changed to Lipa City....unfortunately, i failed to attend the meeting because i was downed with flu..

Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VII cont..

I'm still a bit confused and at lost with these statements from the mayor's desk unless the good mayor voice out his personal stand about the issue.Napaka simple lang naman ang gustong malaman ng mga taga sibale,ANG MAYOR BA NATIN AY PABOR O HINDI sa pag salvage sa m/v mactan.I'm not a legal expert but based on my conversation with an IBP president(a lawyer),the local chief executive has all the reason to deny permit in this kind of situation.

Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VII cont..

...sabi ni Ralph at Delia, salamat sa detailed info na posted ni Mayor Cipriano, ikaw naman Lance, confused ka, o ayaw mo lang intindihin, tapos oobligahin mo ang Mayor na sagutin ang tanong mo, kung ako kay Mayor, di ko talaga sasagutin, kasi nakatago ka, magpakilala ka kung matapang ka, maganda lance, ang tanong mo e-mail mo na lang sa e-mail add ng Mayor o kaya itxt mo sya, di ba nakalagay naman ang e-mail add nya at cell no., don mo ipadaan ang mga tanong mo, kung susundan naman ang postings ni Mayor, maliwanag naman ang kanyang position, sa pagka-intindi ko, sa personal na view nya, ayaw nya na ma-salvage ang Mactan, kaya nga maliwanag na wala syang Mayor's Permit na binibigay, pero unawain natin na ang personal nakagustuhan ay pwedeng mong isali sa iyong tungkuling ginagampanan, may mga batas tayong sinusunod, ang maliwanag, may Permit ang Coast Guard, ang Firearms and Explosives ang Provincial Director ng Romblon, ay kung magbigay pa ng Permit ang DENR, sino naman si Mayor na hindi magbibigay ng Permit, ay kung wala syang dahilan, na basta ayaw lang nya, dahil yon ang gusto ni Lance at iba pa, maganda nyan, tulungan natin si Mayor, mag-research tayo ng mga legal provisions para gamitin nyang rason para di makibigay si Mayor ng Mayor's Permit, Lance magpakilaya raw ikaw, aya ni kayumbot it tamong

Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VII cont..

Like you Lance am too confused. Of all the letters that I read, none really convince me to justify their inaction to stopped the blasting.
I thought operations couldn't be initiated if one document is not issued, in this case mayor's permit.
However, since they could not convince me i'd better off not to expect more. I am also ending my participation in these discouraging event.
I hope that Mayor Cipriano would be more meticulous next time, firm in dealing with people who has no regards to his kababayam.
I support his vision to Sibale especially his Water project.
I don't need to introduce my real name, cause of my negative statements would cause our friendship to dull.
But, what I did is to voice out my negative feelings
our friendship are still there.
I may be so rude, rude at its extreme, But I know you were at the humbliest. I know you're a neophytes
like a U.S. president who spent the first year learning around a platoon of advisers.

Rustom F

Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VII cont..

Mr./Ms. Gali,

Tamo po kayo, nilalason lang niya ang kaisapan ng mga kababayan natin, asi ayaw nila tumigil masyadong affected. Mag-isip nalang siya ng mga plano or ideas at i-text niya kay Mayor Boyet at malay mo ikauunlad/ ikabubuti pa sa ating mahirap na banwa.Bulig-bulig nalang tayo di ba?kalimutan nalang natin ang mga pangyayari at bahala na ang batas sa kanila.

Mabuhay ka SIBALE...

Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VII cont..

To: Gali

kabayan bago tayo magkapersonalan,isipin mo munang mabuti yang mga sinasabi mo bago mo i-post.Sinabi mo na kung kumpleto sa papeles ang calixto ent. magmula sa coastguard,sa explosives unit hanggang sa denr,walang dahilan si mayor para hindi mag-isyu ng mayor's permit kahit pa ayaw ni lance at ng mga taga sibale.Baka nakakalimutan mo nakaupo sa pwesto si mayor dahil inihalal ng mga taga sibale,ang sweldo ni mayor galing sa buwis na ibinabayad ng mga taga sibale,so sa madaling salita kaninong interes ang dapat pangalagaan ni mayor,interes ng calixto ent. o interes ng mga taga sibale?SO PASENSYA KA HALI KO DON SA SINASABI MO NA ANG "PERSONAL NA KAGUSTUHAN PWEDENG ISALI SA TUNGKULING GINAGAMPANAN",malabo ang dating nyan,lalo pat kung yang sinasabi mong personal na kagustuhan ay para sa personal na interes lamang.

Mabalik tayo don sa hamon mo na magpakilala ako,anlakas ng apog mo na maghamon eh ikaw nga nakatago ka rin sa alias na "Gali"

Re: Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VII cont..

Mr. Lance, whoever you are, buko ara ay talagang namimersonal ka yang. naghahanap it buho para manira?kng talagang nababayaka ka sa sitwasyon it ato banwa, dapat it kato pa nak pagkarugay nk namuokan tong mga opisyal it sibale nak waya it nangyari sa banwa nato.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VII cont..

Dear Romblomanons ( Sibalenhons),

Please unite and help Mayor Boyet.

When I went to Sibale last May 2007 , I had the opportunity to have a 1:1 talk with your elected mayor.

He told me of his eco-marine tourism/sanctuary visions. He told me of his concern for this Mactan salvaging issues. He wanted to preserve the ecology surrounding the sunken ship for tourism.

These are very strong proofs that he was and is against the salvaging of Mactan.

Please read his posts and you will be enlightened.

He is using both narrative as well as logical/rational explanations to let us know that he did his best trying to stop the salvaging of Mactan.

Please be reminded that Sibalenhons are fighting outside forces that will try to destroy the beautiful island of Sibale as well as the future of the next generations. Please stand united and work together to have power. Please set aside politics.

We will deal with politics in 2010 and we have 3 years to work together till next election.

God bless.


Delia Saluba Famatigan, M.H.P.
Chicago, U.S.A.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VII cont..


Thanks for defending our controversial mayor. However, just want to know if your a relative/supporter of the losing congressional candidate in the last election?
Seems you knew about Mactan before election, alam na pala ni Mayor ito bago pa magelection, la pa siyang ginawa.
Majority of Sibalenhons were so sad to what had happened, but it was more prostrating to see the mayor doing nothing to stop the blasting of m/v mactan.
Thanks for your concern of our mayor and not the concern of Sibalehoms. You have to be a Sibalenhon
to properly understood the insult brought us by Calixto ent. courtesy of Mayor Cipriano.
I know you are living in america right now, sana nandito ka para makita/malaman ang tunay na mga pangyayari.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VII cont..

Dear James,

It should be the former mayor of Sibale who should "have started" the fight against the salvaging of Mactan. That time he (former mayor) could have done something and Mayor Boyet picked it up and strengthened the eco-marine position. Mayor Boyet just took over and most of the papers were done legally by the opponents even before he ( Mayor Boyet) is the mayor. Element of time is/was very necessary in this salvaging issue. I see both sides of the coin and my only desire is the betterment of Romblon Province that is why I supported the bid for congress of Dr. Firmalo ( 2004-2007).

I do not need to play safe. I can tell exactly what I think of a polician if I know "ina-apakan niya ang mga tiga Romblon".

Btw, I supported the former congressman's bid for re-election. But to tell you, he lost with grace. And his call to all of us and I quote what former Congressman Firmalo said: " We have to unite for the common good of the Romblomanons".

He had a problem when he was the congressman. From reliable sources, I learned that the former mayor of Sibale did not work with former Congressman Firmalo.

At this point, I am asking Mayor Boyet to work with congressman-elect and governor-elect. We want to get more projects for Sibale from Mr. Madrona and Mr. Beltran.

Let us forget first politics. We have 3 years to work together to better the lives in Sibale.

The late mayor of Sibale, Uncle Pering Famatigan Fabregas is my relative and he always told me good things about Sibale and the peoples there. He stayed in our house whenever he was in Odiongan.

Thank you.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VII cont..

Dear Ms. Delia,

I support the call for unity of all Romblomanon and even all Sibalenhon, to unite and work together for the prosperity and developement of Sibale, where not even politician, where just asking Question to the Mayor and other officials of Sibale.
If your read very carefully all the files that our beloved mayor are attaching on this web forum, the approval of the previous Admistration on the Selling of M/V mactan did'nt actually happened because of the intervention of the Calixto ent. Question: How the Calixto Ent. know that the municipality of Sibale approved a resolution given right to the mayor to sell the sunken M/V Mactan, Sino ang Nagsabi kay Calixto? bakit ang Mayor natin ay di umuwi agad para mapigalan ang paglalagay ng dinamita sa M/V Mactan? Napakarami pong katanungan na di manlang binigyan pansin ng ating mayor na sagutin dito sa web forum na ito. isa po ako sa mga sumuporta sampu ng aking familya kay mayor nung nakaraang election dahil naniniwala ako na maganda ang kanyang layunin para sa sibale, yun nga lang medyo nagkulay pera na rin sya, hehehehehehe at pati yung mga nakapalibot sa kanya.

Sige sa susunod na election na lang natin pag usapan yan.