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From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VI1

Greetings to my kasimanwas...

...hereinbelow is the Police Report by Villardo Fruelda Jr. Senior Police Officer II, PNC Officer-in-Charge......

Republic of the Philippines
National Police Commission
Philippine National Police
Concepcion, Romblon


FOR: The Municipal Mayor
Municipality of Concepcion
Province of Romblon

FROM: The PNC Officer-in-Charge
Concepcion Municipal Police Station
Concepcion, Romblon

SUBJECT: Pre-Blasting Chronoligical Report

DATE: September 02, 2007
1-Reference: VI of the Municipal Mayor thru text message dated September 01, 2007.
2-Respectfully submitting herewith is the Pre-Blasting Chronoligical Report happened and transpired at the Mactan site, Brgy. Masudsud, Concepcion, Romblon on August 30, 2007 more or less 8:00 a.m, viz:

2a-That, on AUGUST 28, 2007, more or less 11:30 a.m., the undersigned receieved an information stating allegedly that one(1)Tug Boat and two(2) Barge were presently docked along the sea vicinities at Brgy. Masudsud, Concepcion, Romblon, along the site from where M/V Mactan sunked sometimes on July 16, 1973,

2b-That, on the same date of August 28, 2007, more or less 12:10 noon, the Secretary to the Mayor, Mr. Rufo Famarin, handed to the undersigned a copy of a text message thru cellular mobile phone coming from the Local Chief Executive, Mayor Lemuel Cipriano, stating therein directives to quote "CHIEF JUN, GOOD AM.I RECEIVED INFO THAT THERE IS A BARGE WHICH WILL SALVAGE THE SUNKEN OF M/V MACTAN. COORDINATE WITH COAST GUARD IN SAMPONG, TOGETHER VISIT THE SITE AND WARN THEM NOT TO CONDUCT ANY UNDERWATER ACTIVITY UNTIL SUCH TIME THAT THE PAPERS ARE SUBMITTED".

2c-On that juncture, more or less 12:30 pm of August 28, 2007, the undersigned immediately proceeded to Brgy. Masudsud purposely to conduct discreet investigation and to verify the veracity of the report. Upon arrival of the undersigned at Brgy. Masudsud, it was found out that the report was positive, prompting the undersigned to lokk into the personal appearance of the vessel patron for proper interrogation relative to the purpose of their arrivel within the area of responsibility. The first person whom to met with the undersigned was identified to be one PO1 Loyd Salonga Opena, PNP member assigned with 304th PMG of Bataan Police Provincial Office, and later introduced himself to be the security Escort during ther delivery of Explosives to Calixto Enterprises, Brgy. Masudsud, Concepcion, Romblon, subject PNCO is covered with Letter Order No.:28, dated August 24,2007, issued by P/SR SUPT. ODELON GARRIDO RAMONEDA, Provincial Director of Bataan Police Provincial Office. Subjec PNCO, handed to the undersigned the following documents, as follows:

a-Letter Order No.28, dated August 24, 2007, issued by Provincial Director, Bataan PPO:
b-Salvor Certificate of Registration No. 2007-04, in favor of Calixto Enterprises, dated 13 March 2007, issued by ADM. DAMIAN L. CARLOS, Commandant, Philippine Coast Guard;
c-Salvage Permit Nr. 2007-07, in favor of Eduardo Calixto Enterprises, dated June 2007, issued by ADM DAMIAN L CARLOS, Commandant, Philippine Coast Guard;
d-Copy of Radio Message from Chief, Pnp addressed to Regional Directors of Police Regional Officers 3, CALABARZON and MIMAROPA, pass to Provincial Directors of Bataan PPO, Batangas PPO and Romblon PPO dated June 05, 2007;
e-Permit to Purchase and Move Explosives/Explosive Ingredients, dated October 16, 20066 in favor of Eduardo Calixto Enterprises, issued by FIREARMS AND EXPLOSIVES DIVISION, NHQ,PNP, Camp Crame, Quezon City with PPE Nr. 1003-487-2006 and Control Nr. EX-PE-1006934;
f-License to Possess Explosives-Renewal, in favor of Eduardo Calixto Enterprises, dated May 21, 2007, with License NR. PCA06-220403-02394 and Control Nr. EX-PL-0507667, issued by FED,NHQ,PNP, Camp Crame, Quezon City;
g-License to Possess Explosives-New in favor of Salvador Espina, Foreman/Blaster of Eduardo Calixto Enterprises dated January 25, 2007 wiht License Nr. FCA06-250107-03009 and Control Nr. EX-FL-0107125, issued by FED, NHQ, PNP, Camp Crame, Q.C.
h-Copy of Contract of Sale between Compania Maritima, represented by Mr. Gregorio Castillo, Vice-Pres,/Comptroller, as Seller and Mr. Eduardo Calixto, Pasay City
i-Copy of Report of Disposal and Acquisition of Explosives/Explosive Ingredients, addressed to the Chief, PNP dated August 14, 2007, submitted by Eduardo Calixto
j-Copy of Radio Message from Chief, PNP addressed to RD, PRO's 3, CALABARZON and MIMAROPA dated August 24, 2007 pass to PD's Bataan PPO, Batangas PPO and Roomblon PPO

...due to limited space, to be continued next posting..

Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VI1

Dear Mayor,

Thanks for the information, now it will be clearer for us to understand your position and situation on this matter.

Lets put aside this topic and start working para sa mga proyekto dyan sa sibale.


Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VI1

Dear Mayor Boyet,

Thanks for the detailed informations.

We from Sibale and the whole Province of Romblon must unite.

We have to work hard. The local peoples must be protected and we have to work hard to defend ourselves from the destructive forces who do not care what will happen to our dear province.

God bless.


Delia Saluba Famatigan

Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan-Chapter VI1

Mayor, Seems your statements are different from the posted messages of Sanggunian Fuedo. He said your were not in Sibale prior to blasting. Seems Sanggunian's story is more credible.